Listener Game Review – Bayonetta

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bayonettaIMG From the very first intro cutscene you know you’re in for a treat. Bayonetta is a witch who has been asleep for 500 years in a coffin under a lake 20 years before the game. She has no memory of her past and only everything out there is trying to kill her. In an effort to find out her past she follow a lead that will take her into Europe, in a mysterious country named Vigrid. This is the scene you’re set and from there on in, you’ll be fighting hordes of beautiful angels and cherubs and even more imaginative Bosses throughout the game.

You’ll notice how much influence of games like God’s Hand and Devil May Cry have on this game, but to say this is a complete rip off of DMC wouldn’t do this game justice. Bayonetta is an arcade adventure first and foremost and takes the tried and trusted formula of DMC and given it a 360 polish and shine.  The controls are well laid out, combo attacks and dodging enemies will become second nature in no time. There are lots of enemies onscreen at any given time, but the game mechanic is such that you never feel it’s unfair and you always feel it’s your own fault for getting hit.

The enemies will drop the in game currency called Halos, these can be collected to upgrade your weapons and accessories in the Gates of Hell. Scattered throughout the game are these secret portals you can jump through. This opens up Alfheim stages to earn you more Halos and some special bonus. These are some of the hardest fights to pull off in game because of the restrictions you have for each individual stage. But it’s also a good place to practice your moves.

bayonetta5 The game also caters for those button mashers with the help of Very Easy Mode, the game will perform complex combos and devastating moves with a single button. This will make you look like some Korean crack gamer on speed in front of your friends, providing they didn’t see you select very easy mode of course. :)Another cool fight mechanic is Witch Time mode, this is achieved by dodging an enemy attack at the very last possible moment, when activated, the game will run in bullet time giving you a short stint of time to string together some outrageous attacks to take down the enemy. However this Witch Time attack doesn’t work on every bosses in this game. Torture Attacks is triggered by having enough magical energy, when unleashed, these are some of the coolest looking attacks in the game, the guillotine move is esepcially satisfying.

The game will generally last between 8-10 hours for each playthrough, but the replay value is surprisingly high as you will need to beat the game in normal mode before the hard mode is unlocked where your gaming skills will be tested to the limit, and you can keep playing over and over till you have your hands on all the weapons and upgrades available to you.

With some of the best looking graphics and creative combats,  I haven’t had so much fun playing a video game for a long long time. This game is a must for all video gamers out there, although we’re only a couple of weeks into 2010,  it’ll take something special in this coming year to beat this game for it’s sheer exuberance and panache. 10/10 and 3 thumbs up from me. Don’t ask about the third thumb ;)


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