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twitter (Twitter Question of the Week) Each week we ask a question from our Polygamerous twitter account. These questions can range from the standard “what is your favorite…” to the more esoteric “who would you…”… Follow us on twitter to get the weekly question and reply back to @polygamerous to answer (or send email to info@polygamerous.com ). You can even call in to the voicemail if your answer would benefit from that! Herein, we have documented all the previous Twitter Questions of the Week. Each is noted by the Episode in which it talked about.


Twitter Question of the Week: What was everyone’s favorite game this year? Why? At the beginning of the year, what was your most anticipated title? Did it come out this year? We’ve talked about it already, what about tomorrow

  • RunyCat: Dragon Age Origin, Assassin’s Creed II, AION, Borderlands (although the PC version was horrifically done).
    Also, my husband would add Arkham Asylum and Red Faction: Guerilla.
  • Syrana: WoW, Dragon Age, and Sims 3!
  • Pagga: without Any doubt "dragon age origins". I have got both my brothers hooked during the christmas holyday.
  • Mullets: the only games that comes to mind is Dragon age origins, and Modern Warfare 2.
  • Dechion: Well, considering I have only played Wow and Farmville I think I would have to say Wow is more fun…
  • JamesLangrill: Has to be Torchlight, and Uncharted 2. I’m still playing them both on a regular basis.
  • GettingWorse: fav game of year. Assassin’s creed 2. also street fighter 4 took up most of my time on xbl in early part of the year

NinthBatter here with my favorite games of 2009.

Halo ODST: While it was short and had a lot to improve on, I really enjoyed it while I was playing it.

Brutal Legend: A game that’s a RTS and Beat-Em-Up with a kick ass sound track, what’s not to love?

Batman Arkham Asylum: For once they made a good superhero game and with the voice acting talents from the animated TV show (although imagine Adam West doing it) there was just so much that was right about the game.

Fallout 3 DLC: regular and engaging DLC that kept me more than occupied.

Dragon Age Origins: Because; Redcliffe NPC: "We’ve been fighting for days, we’re under attack. People have been dying."

Shale (deadpan):" Is anybody surprised? Anybody?"

Inspector Gadget: A platforming adventure game that works sorta like scriblenaughts. Inspector Gadget fights his arc enemy Dr. Claw in this— Wait, what do you mean there isn’t a Inspector Gadget game!?!?! Why hasn’t anyone done anything about this?!? I’m going to take the fox news approach here and blame the liberal media.

Hope you guys had a great Holiday :)



Twitter Question of the Week: Do you Preorder games? And, If you do, Do you get them from a Brick and Mortar or Online?

  • Starmike: Always, and the collector’s edition if it has something valuable. Always from Gamestop b/c too many times shipping is delayed vi UPS
  • Gnomaggedon: I preordered once… TBC.. 18 hours before release. I wasn’t even 60 on Gnomeaggedon then
  • Zideshow: It depends. For console, I usually pre-order via Gamestop or Best Buy. For PC, a lot of times I pre-order and d/l digitally.
  • Lougagliardi: I preorder, especially the wow xpacs or Castlevania. Brick and Mortar
  • GettingWorse: I never preorder games. I’ve yet to come across a game where they sold out on launch. Plus I’m not a special edition collector
  • Nibuca: Preorder, noun alias for "here, hold my money, I don’t need it. No really, get interest on it.. you deserve it."
  • NinthBatter: i don’t pre-order most of the time, but now that i’m back in LA i’ll probably pre order more, brick and mortar


Twitter Question of the Week: What is your "Guilty Pleasure" game?

  • Bryterside: For me, it’s Dr. Mario, no one I know can beat me. :)
  • Bytorsnowdog: bejeweled lol
  • EpicDolls: right now it’s words with friends (aka scrabble) on the iPhone
  • Aoirselvar: guilty pleasure game? That almost sounds dirty, not into those kind of games 😉
  • GettingWorse: bejeweled blitz on my iPhone


Twitter Question of the Week: Why do you play video/computer games? (as opposed to sports, kitting, art, sleeping, etc)

  • TheLouG : I play because it’s a form of entertainment that keeps me safe and lets me interact with people from far away
  • Ninthbatter: Well I do both but I think it’s because it’s harmless competition/ a deep puzzle, and it’s fun…
  • Bryterside: I play to relax 2 kids under two can be stressful. That and I’m too lazy to do anything else.
  • Wowcynwise: I play to blow off stress from a full time job and parenting 2 small kids.
  • Stoppableforce: I game because I have been gaming since I was 6, and it connects me to a lot of other people who share the same interests.
  • Dechion: I play as fairly cheap entertainment. I also get to have my fun while still being availible to my wife and kids (ie. at home)
  • Tartdarling: I play because I love the stories. And the people. Gamers are some of the best people I know <3
  • Onekyfemme: because i need to be doing something with my hands and mind – i can’t just sit and stare at a box.
  • Valkyrierisen: I play cuz it’s cheap entertainment. Going out I spend way more $. Hours of entertainment. Social MMOs too!
  • TheMightyGresh: I game ’cause it’s been my hobby since I was a kid, and it takes my mind off of real world things for a few hours.
  • Rhoelyn: Sometimes, I ask myself the same question. 1) For the friends I love that are across the world. 2) Because games are way easier and more straightforward than real life. Goals and the paths to reach them are so much more clear in games.
  • Demeternoth:  I play them as well as other things, but instead of watching TV of an evening mainly.
  • Tami_moore: Video games are a way for my husband and friends and myself to socialize. Cocktail parties are for sissies, give me a dungeon run!
  • Anafielle: I like the community aspect of playing wow and working towards a common goal (raiding) with lots of other people.
  • PartTimeDruid: I play games due to their interactive nature. I also get a sense of accomplishment that I can’t get from watching TV or movies.


Twitter Question of the Week: Is Hard the new Good? (The harder the difficulty the better the game?)

  • Nightrayvn: Depends on the person and the game. I play mostly RPGs. I like the story. If the game is so hard I can’t get to see the rest of the story, it’s "score" goes down in my book. I play games to have fun. If it’s so hard that I want to throw things, then that’s not fun. challege = good. Punishment by the devs for playing their game = bad.
  • krizzlybear: Easy is the new Hard *nod nod*
  • runycat: No. While I believe that games need to be challenging, to a certain degree, to be engaging, super-hard isn’t very enjoyable. Also, that depends on your definition of "hard." Hard puzzles? Button combos? Combat? Etc.
  • David_Carroll: No, for example, WoW. Super easy, and pretty good, too.
  • Triz: It depends on the audience the game is aimed at, but generally I agree with what @runycat said, we don’t need more Battletoads.
  • Ninthbatter: i think having a varying level of difficulty is the best, that way the game can be set the the player as an individual
  • EpicDolls: not for me it isn’t!


Twitter Question of the Week: Does the presence (or lack) of Multiplayer in a game influence your purchase/rental decision?

  • StoppableForce: Depends on the game. The only real multiplayer game I play regularly is Rock Band… if a game skimps on the single-player experience, I probably won’t pick it up.
  • Dechion: Yes. While I enjoy multiplayer more, I need a solid solo game or I’ll get bored rapidly. Thats why I love Wow, it has both.
  • Nevikjames: Other than fighting games I generally don’t care about the multiplayer aspect.
  • Ninthbatter: Not at all. If it’s a good game I don’t care about if it has multiplayer but also I’d buy a game if had great multiplayer.
  • Zideshow: Most of the time, it needs to have a good Single Player option. No skimping. But, obviously, this doesn’t apply to some games.
  • Shaftius: only if it is supposed to be a multiplayer game. If it is an adventure with a great story and plot (ME, Bioshock) then no need
  • Cerbstarraiser: I play less multiplayer, however the inclusion of multiplayer is that much more time spent testing game engines. It’s also a good gauge of re-playability and the ever important "Is it even WORTH sixty dollars?!"
  • GreyJasper: -yes- It is very hard for me to get into a game that is not massively multi player. I recently ran into this with Dragon Age.


Twitter Question of the Week: Do you Trade-in old games or keep-em forever?

  • Samodean : Keep ’em forever. Except Ninja Gaiden for Xbox the failure kept taunting me.
  • Nim_Ankh: Keep em – You’ll enjoy it for the nostalgia later in life.
  • Triz: As of today, I’ve neither traded nor sold any of my games, ever. Although some might have been thrown away in the past…
  • Twillik: As a hoarder, I am loathe to part with any of my possessions. Even games that I haven’t played in years upon years. So keep em
  • Anafielle: Keep ’em forever… I am a packrat 😡
  • Zideshow: I’m a keeper, usually, except games like Madden. Usually sell those while they’re hot.
  • MikeSchramm (who is the guest): I trade in most, keep a few worth keeping or that I want to play again.
  • GettingWorse: never traded in a game. They just get lost over time. Or people don’t return them back and I just forget about them
  • RavonBrand: Keep em :) Still have my Amstrad 464 and Commodore 64 :)
  • JTHart: I keep mine, except on rare occasions (like a game that I end up getting another copy of as a limited edition)
  • NinthBatter: I keep my games and often lend or trade with friends
  • NevikJames: I’ve been known to trade in titles from time to time, but I’m a collector. Still have all my DC stuff & some of my PSX stuff.
  • Deaf_Marty: i trade them in for store credit. that way i can purchase other items, not just games, cheaper. Like Gilmor Girls season 8…
  • Slash2Kormus: I’m a hoarder when it comes to games and software. I have a box of software/carts from 25 years ago sitting in my closet.The 5 bucks they’d give you to trade stuff in never seemed worth the time and effort involved.


Twitter Question of the Week: Do you rent games and if you do, from where?

  • Stoppable Force: I haven’t rented games in years, but with console game prices still around $60, I consider signing up for Gamefly sometimes.
  • ActiveNick: No, I buy only and am sitting on 80+ barely played games for PC, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP and DS #IBlameWoW #NotEnoughTime
  • Mohalen: I dont rent games, I wish Netflix had games I would rent them. I do not want to try gamefly, so come on Netflix!
  • PartTimeDruid: No, though I do after a fashion through @Goozex. I can’t recommend this game trading service enough!
  • Bryterside: I don’t rent games at all, way too expensive. I just borrow from friends or buy them when they’re old and cheap. (<$20)
  • nmkinney28: (nicktwip) I rent games to review them for everythingblah from either Hastings or Blockbuster…really want to start Gamefly soon
  • Deaf_Marty: i rent games. I have this guy I go to and for every 20 games rented I get a free bag of "rubber bands"…
  • MrBryo: Rent games? Nope, more than I can play with the Dec. Steam sale, STO and WoW. Plus I’m learning to develop on the iPhone!


Twitter Question of the Week: What is your favorite game console of all time and why?

  • Eadams2010: Pong: say no more
  • Runycat: I didn’t have a million consoles as a kid, so I’d have to go with NES.
  • Gettingworse: snes. Games were more original back then and I had this disk drive for snes that lets u play games u copied on a floppy.
  • Samodean: Dreamcast. One of the best libraries,of all time. Groundbreaking online play
  • Bryterside: NES, for the nostalgia and all of its 8bit glory. Dragon Warrior, Dr. Mario. Final Fantasy, Super Mario 2&3, pure simple fun.
  • MrBryo: Between NES & N64; last time I played a console consistently. Have a Wii, only use it w/grps of people. I’m a PC gamer.
  • KidGroove: snes, Final Fantasy 6 is why lol
  • Broadwayblues:  360 has changed how we play video games. Left basement and gone worldwide with Live. Huge leap forward for gaming.
  • GamerGaz: The Dreamcast. It was ahead of it’s time, and it had Shenmue.
  • HonorsHammer: NES. Why? Techmo Super Bowl! I lost so many nights in college playing that game.
  • Ndianye: snes. it’s the console that really got me into gaming, and I still love those games.
  • NDMiko: SNES; While NES was my first, SNES introduced me to more genres.
  • NinthBatter: my favorite system of course is the N-gage. It’s a gameboy AND a phone!
  • Deaf_Marty: my favorite console was the Atari Jaguar, thing was a beast…


Twitter Question of the Week: If you could go out on a date with a video game character, which one and why? (yeah, we’re going there)

  • theloug: Sonia belmont.. she’s a Belmont dude!
  • jayesh: Miranda from me2. Perfect in. Every respect
  • honorshammer: man, Bastilla Shan or Imoen. Tough call.
  • Eadams2010: After the last podcast (27) sounds like a question for Brigwyn! Pixelatwd women and all.. :)
  • cereal_killar: Oh come on is there really a debate here? It’s gotta be Lara Croft! Just try and get Angelina outta yet head now! Yummy!
  • TwilliK: You mean I have to pick /just one/? This is going to take some thinking about.
  • Ravonbrand: The girls from Playboy Mansion Xbox.. :) OMG
  • Miskieratboi: does it have to be a main character? Can i go on a date with a monster or summon? Bahamut, ffx. if it has to be a main character, either ratchet or fox mccloud.
  • Ninthbatter:  I’d go on a date with Tali from ME2, she has a great personality and with her insecurity about her bio suit it’ll be easy to mask my commitment issues.
  • Deaf_Marty: I’d go out with Mrs. Pacman…….I have my reasons.
  • Bryterside:  I’d have to go with Donkey Kong in a dress cause… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4he79krseU
  • David_Carroll: I’d date Samus, she should be used to sequence breaking her way to the Screw Attack by now

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