Episode 143 – BASHATHON

Offical_Senran_Kagura_Wallpaper_(1) On this episode we take about EA and their super smart business decisions. That’s all we got to say about that.

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  • The Last Guardian is shaping up to be a PS4 launch title

WTF Japan

Offical_Senran_Kagura_Wallpaper_(1)Senran Karuga is a series of side scrolling 3DS games developed and published by Marvelous Entertainment. It was released in 2011 in Japan, and rumors of a future North American release appear throughout the internet. In Senran Kagura you play the role of a group of five kunoichi in training in an alternate universe where ninjas still exist. In order to counter the activities of ninjas who seek to create havoc working for corporations and politicians, the Japanese government founded the Hanzo academy in order to train female ninjas to counter their efforts. It is up to Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyu and Hibari to succeed in their training and to rescue Japan from various nefarious schemes from evil ninjas.

The gameplay is seperated into three sections. The first section is composed of a novel styled manga that reveals information of the back story of the characters, as well as covering the major plot points of the story. The second section of the gameplay is the adventure mode, where the characters interact with each other through the HUB world, as well as giving more information about the story before the start of each mission. The third section of the gamplay consists of the action sequences where you control your character to fight through story and side missions. As characters are leveled up, new moves and special abilities are unlocked, as well as collectable materials such as music, costumes, and art work.

What  stands out in the series is the fan service. Fan service is deeply rooted in Senran Karuga. In face the game’s producer Kenichiro Takaki came up with the concept of the series revolving around fan service when he realized that one of the main things people wanted to see most in 3D were breasts. Hence the 3D features are used to “improve” the visuals of the game with 3D cleavage and other body parts. Fan service is also involved in the action gameplay sequences. As your character takes damage, it is signified by the amount of clothing that your character loses. Needless to say, losing all of your clothes is a bad thing (though probably not a bad thing to the male focused audience).

Despite (or perhaps because) the one note nature of the series, it managed to spawn multiple sequels, and it’s own anime series released this year (which is not viewable in 3D). If you are interested  gameplay and story that are “well rounded” then this game is for you. Otherwise, those looking for more in their fighting games to give this a pass.

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