Episode 126 – SMRHKP

hello-kitty-engine-oil Sorry for the audio quality this week. We did what we could. Anyway, we have a full house for you this episode with Rilandune from The Overlores Podcast and Heroically Random joining us. Andy even makes an appearance at the end of the show! Dont’ miss it.

This Week in Gaming


Rumor Mill

  • The next Fallout game by Bethesda will be set in Boston.

WTF Japan

Muscle March
Namco Bandi Wiiware

Each of the game’s three levels involves players chasing after a thief, who has stolen their bodybuilding friends’ tub of protein powder, through a number of environments. The premise is similar to Hole in the Wall in which players follow the thief as they crash through walls, leaving holes in the form of bodybuilding poses, which the player must make their character squeeze through by gesturing with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to match the pose. At the end of the level, players must shake the controllers to catch up and tackle the thief.
Players can choose from a number of flamboyant characters including an American boxer, a British female bodybuilder, a top hat wearing Spaniard, a Norwegian polar bear, a Ghanaian bodybuilder with an afro and a rubber ducky on top, a Russian bodybuilder with a mohawk and headphones, and a Japanese bodybuilder with goofy goggles and strange hairdo. The game features the standard arcade mode and a time attack mode that sees players trying to survive for as long as possible against increasingly faster speeds.[2]

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