Episode 125 – Kelly and Jack Extravaganza

Fireworks_Extravaganza_3_by_Shooter1970 Only Jack and Kelly are available this week but that doesn’t stop them in the least.

This Week in Gaming


Rumor Mill

  • Star Wars Battlefield 3 might have gotten a new developer known as Valve.

WTF Japan

Chulip was released in Japan in 2002, and in the United States in 2007. The game was developed by Punchline, published by Natsume, and was only available through Gamestop only. The plot revolves around a young boy who sees a girl in the new neighborhood he moved to and falls in love with her. The problem is, she doesn’t love him back, as in her eyes the boy is a poor nobody with a horrible reputation. But all hope is not lost. With assistance from his father and a walking head with feet and a paintbrush on its head named Michio Suzuki, our hero plans to prove himself in the eyes of his love by kissing others to gain experience in the ways of feelings and romance. Children, robots, adults, monsters, aliens, your character has to kiss every single being within the game in order to build a strong heart. Some being require timing, some requires the completion of tasks, and others just require the right time of day/night to do so. Our hero’s challenges become harder when taking into consideration that many things in the game injure him, such as being barked at by a dog, or picking up a piece of literal crap from a garbage can. Will he able to kiss everyone in the game, thus securing his place into the heart of the girl of his dreams?

Upon review, Chulip was met with mixed reviews, from people who enjoyed the character designs and wacky premise, to people who hated the harsh difficulty and the lack knowing where to go within the game. The game sold poorly both within Japan and within the West, making it a commercial flop. Chulip is a case where an unique idea strikes out and falls into the pickup bargain games of history. However, one has to give credit to the creators for making an attempt to make a game about love as completely off the wall as possible.

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