Episode 124 – TT Sprinkles

sprinkles Julia joins the crew today to take over for Kelly while she deals with some “technical difficulties”.

This Week in Gaming


Rumor Mill

  • New Xbox will be announced soon. Come on we all saw this coming. It was as inevitable as amy whinehouse od’ing. Too soon?

WTF Japan

It is election season in the United States, and in a few months to come U.S. citizens have to decide who should be the next President of their country. No matter what your political stripe is, vote for the candidate who is the most likely to build a humongous combat mecha underneath the White House and kick ass.
Metal Wolf Chaos was was a Xbox title developed by From Software in 2004, and was published by Microsoft. It is a third person shooter that involves the player destroying enemy forces and enemy targets alike. Michael Wilson, 47th President of the United States, faces a huge problem. His running mate, Richard Hawk, has obtained a mecha battle suit and is leading the United States army in a coup d’etat to take over the United States. What Hawk doesn’t know is that President Wilson has his own battle mech, Metal Wolf, which he commands to start a counter-revolution which involves destroying anything and everything in his path to becoming President again. To do that, players guide Wilson from the streets of San Francisco to the White House destroying all of the coup d’etat forces with a variety of weapons such as machine guns, shotguns, and missile launchers (all of them sized for mech use). Even though the game is targeting audiences in the United States, and has a full english cast, the game only released in Japan. As a result, the game was filled with cheesy lines delivered horribly, from “Believe in your own justice” to “Suck on my missle punch!”. Words cannot describe how over the top this game is with American patriotism, explosives, and horrible voice acting. It must be truly seen (through Youtube) to be believed. Normally I don’t support heroes who solely exist to blow everything up in the most explosive way possible, but seeing that President Wilson does more in one game then what actual Presidents do in two terms, I can’t deny that this President gets results.


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