Episode 123 – Poly Cat-ack-alism

BillCAT_AckO It’s just Jack and Mike in a no-holds-barred grudge match. Ok, well, it’s not a grudge match. In fact we don’t really fight at all. We talk about games and stuff.

This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • Final Fantasy XIII VS has been canceled.
  • The next Batman game from Rocksteady will be a prequel.

WTF Japan

Pepsiman was a Japanese Playstation game developed and published by KID Corp. in 1999. The game featured Pepsiman, the Japanese mascot for Pepsi that solved the threat of thirst using the power of Pepsi. The storyline is minimal: People approach Pepsiman asking him to quench their thirst, and you control Pepsiman as he runs to people in need of pepsi, from people trapped in fires, to people stuck in the middle of the desert, to refreshing the main computer of Pepsi City. On rails, the player has to help Pepsiman overcome obstacles such as charging through suburban neighbourhoods, jumping through city sewers, and swerving through herds of buffalo. At the end of every stage, Pepsiman must escape from something threatening to crush him, such as a construction truck, or a giant can of Pepsi. The game was interlaced with FMVs of a fat white guy who constantly promoted and drank Pepsi. Despite the game being created and released only in Japan, everything about the game was translated into English, which made it very import friendly. The premise alone of a cola based superhero is wacky enough, but add Japan to it and you got a combination for advertising weirdness.

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