Episode 122 – Blacklight

Black_Light Due to some unexpected and untimely internet issues, Jack was unable to participate in the show. Kelly and Mike take it to the next level, make it their own and are in it to win it. If that isn’t enough reality TV speak for you, too bad, because there isn’t any in this show. We’re all about the games!

This Week in Gaming


Rumor Mill

  • Angry Pigs the video game. Nuff said.
  • Halo 2 HD Anniversary Edition is on it’s way.

WTF Japan

The idea for time travel is nothing new in the realm of fiction. It’s been in books, movies, television shows, and video games. But in coming up with a new premise that comprises of time travel, Japan takes a hard turn into the bizarre with today’s topic: Thermae Romae.
Thermae Romae is a Japanese manga series created by Mari Yamazaki. It was first published in 2008 and still runs today.
Set in Rome in the year 128 A.D (where the Romans speak Japanese)., Thermae Romae follows the character of Lucius, a Roman architect who is facing a problem. All of his recent designs for buildings are deemed too old fashioned by his peers, and as a result he is fired from his job. Lucius goes to a Roman bathhouse in order to relax and brainstorm new ideas, when suddenly he gets sucked down a bathhouse drain through time space to a bathhouse in modern Japan. At the Japanese bathhouse, he takes surprised by the advanced technology of the baths, the stylish advertisements, and the delicious refreshments that one of the bathhouse patrons gives him. Taking inspiration from these futuristic delights, Lucius creates the Thermae Romae, a Roman bathhouse where not only does he put in place all that he learns from his visit to Japan, but also uses his bathhouse as a time traveling device to travel back to Japan in the future.
Thermae Romae earned rewards for its premise, a television anime adaption and a full length live action feature movie. A idea of a time traveling bathhouse relaxing Roman is a wacky premise, but if it had earned rewards and developed into a television series and a movie, Mari Yamazaki is doing something right.

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