Episode 95 – Old Man Podcast

oldman Get Off My Lawn! Ok, fine. You can be on the lawn. We’re all cranky this week, seemingly, and breaking out our “old man” voices. Well, fine. We really talk about games, well, game. We talk about Skyrim, ok? We admit it, we are all addicted. Now it’s time to stop putting up show notes and go back to playing…

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This Week in Gaming

  • (gamasutra) Report: 47% of MMO Spending in U.S. Comes from Free-To-Play MMOs
    A new report from market analysis firm NewZoo shows that U.S. gamers are spending 24 percent more on free-to-play MMOs than they were in 2010, with a total of $1.2 billion expected to be spent during 2011.
    According to the 2011 MMO Games Market Report, money spent on F2P MMOs currently makes up 47 percent of all MMO spending in the U.S., compared to 39 percent in 2010.
    However, F2P MMO spending in other regions makes up a larger share of overall MMO spending, with 53 percent in Europe, 51 percent in Asia and 59 percent in emerging countries of MMO spending going towards free-to-play titles.

Rumor Mill

  • God of war IV at the VGAs. That is all

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