Episode 87 – Redheaded Badass

gallery Just Jack and Mike this week. We talk about the “official” Fem Shep, Gamestop’s apology for the Deus Ex debacle and Torchlight 2 is priced! A bunch of new releases for the week and your answers to the Question of the Week!

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • Epic Mickey 2 is in the works.
  • In Batman Arkham City Robin is blonde.
  • Companions for the Trooper
    • M1-4X – (Assault Droid) Location: Nar Shaddaa
      • Ranged
      • Blaster Rifle
      • Heavy Armor
    • Tanno Vik (male Weequay) Location:Balmora
      • Melee Tank
      • Heavy Armor
    • Elara Dorne (female human) Location:Taris
      • Ranged
      • Blaster Pistol
      • Heavy Armor
      • Healing Companion
    • Aric Jorgan (male Cathar) Location: Ord Mantell
      • Ranged
      • Sniper Rifle
      • Heavy Armor
      • bounty hunter
      • DPS Companion
    • Yuun (male Gand) Location:Hoth
      • Melee Dps
      • Medium Armor

Question of the Week

What is your favorite place to go for video game news and info?


  • Kissless: Joystiq!
  • StoppableForce: Destructoid for domestic info, Andriasang for import stuff


  • Steve L. – Kotaku
  • Brendan Conrad – blizzard.com
  • Mollly Lynn – Reddit or Massively
  • Sandra Powers – Google. I rarely want generalized ‘tell me something new’ kinds of news, so when I hear about stuff through people or forums or G+, I hit Google to find out what the story is.
  • Tigorasou Kiger – Massively, joystiq or kotaku in no particular order.

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