Episode 86 – Slimquick Gaming

weight-loss-woman-725555 The crew is back and the games are flying. What is this you say? Video Games are healthy? Give me 2 servings! You got your Pokemon in my Minecraft, Bedlam at Bedlam and much, much more!

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • Diablo III will be coming to a console near you!
  • The Mass Effect animated feature film is ahead of production schedule and is now planning on being released alongside Mass Effect 3.
  • *cough* The Old Republic *cough* PAX *cough* Legacy system *cough* *cough*
  • This week for the SWTOR companions I present the Sith Warriors’
    • Vette(female Twilek) Location: Korriban
      • Ranged DPS
      • Medium Armor
      • “smart ass” in every sense of the term
    • Lieutenant Pierce– (male Human) Location: Taris
      • Imperial Trooper
      • Ranged Tank
      • Heavy armor
      • Blasterpistol/Rifle and Shield Generator
    • Malavi Quinn(male Human) Location: Balmora
      • Ranged DPS/Healer
      • Medium Armor
      • Blaster Pistol and Shield Generator
    • Jaesa Willsaam(female Human, Dark Jedi) Location: Hutta
      • Melee DPS – Light Armor
      • One-Handed or Doublebladed Lightsaber
    • Broonmark(male Talz) Location: Hoth
      • Melee Tank
      • Heavy Armor
      • Vibro-sword and Shield Generator

Question of the Week

What is your favorite gaming convention?

Google Plus

  • Oliver Koch – Gamescom’s the only one I’ve ever been to, but I’d love to visit either Pax sometime.
  • Steve L. – Ba-con!


  • glassofwater2 – PAX because it is near some great food and not that far from me so all my friends could go as well

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