Episode 85 – Greetings Earthling!

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dark-helmet_250x135 No Kelly or Andy this week, but Jack, Mike, A McKenzie brother and the Peanuts teacher suck it up and a show is born. Fifteen more until 100 is pretty freaking crazy. Thanks for listening! And yeah, the show is only an hour this week.

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

Hello this is your super secret rumor person and I just wanted to tell you that there aren’t any rumors this week. Not that the rumors aren’t there but they’re all going to be confirmed at Gamescon. So why tell you that swtor will be having a guild beta invite system or DoTA 2 will be announced or  Guillermo del Toro’s new game inSANE will be announced with a trailer. And inSANE will be the first sandbox horror game similar to Red Dead Redemption in its world layout. I’m mean you’re just going to find out about all of this tomorrow anyway.

This week it’s the companions for the Jedi Consular

  • Qyzen Fess, (male Trandoshan) Location: Typhon
    • Melee Tank
    • Heavy Armor
    • Electrostaff or Vibrosword
  • Zenith (male Twilek) Location: Balmorra
    • Ranged DPS
    • Medium armor
    • Sniper Rifle
  • Lt Iresso (male Human) Location: Hoth
    • Ranged tank
    • Blaster rifle
    • Taunt ranged skill.
  • Theran Cedrex (male Human) Location: Nar Shaddaa
    • Ranged Healer
    • Medium Armor
    • Pistol
  • Nadia Grell – (female Mirialan)
    • Melee DPS
    • Light armor
    • Double blade saber

Question of the Week

Games are now including a good/evil alignment system, what type of moral choices do you usually play in such games?


  • Kordwar: depends on the rewards
  • dechion: playing a good villian can be a whole lot of fun. some of my favorite characters were like that.
  • stoppableforce: Usually a good guy – but when I DO play a villain, I play it to the hilt.
  • glassofwater2: evil, I like being an asshole. Also the Evil choices tend to be what I would do anyway with out liking acting like an asshole
  • Trizophenie: Neutral/good, the dickish not-evil option if it exists.
  • Kissless: Always good! I try to be evil and then want to cry from being mean. ^_^
  • SturgarHawkwind: My main characters are always good. Then I break out the evil later and see if it holds any water.
  • Miatog: Both. If it’s a good game I’ll (plan) to play both mostly cause I’m OCD. I do tend to play the evil side first.
  • brendensparks: Most games only let you choose between “Lawful Insipid” and “Chaotic Douchebag.” Wouldn’t call that good/evil.
  • Shawndra: I have a hard time playing evil, but my kids don’t. The occasional bit of mischief is fun, though!
  • quietambition: With how sophisticated these systems are getting you really have to do both. What I pick first depends on my mood at the time.
  • _loug: What are these morals you speak of? LOL! hmm..I try to straddle the light and the dark, so to speak. After all, not everything is black and white but shades of grey.
  • that_ghoul_ava: Evil. They have more fun, and don’t let a conscious get in the way of a good looting.


  • Tigorasou Kiger – I always do what ever I would do if in the situation. I always end up neutral, seems I do equal parts good and evil. :3
  • Alan Young – I usually start out w/a good run through, then after then i do an evil runthough if the game is fun enough to do a second time
  • Ryan Glass – Admittedly, I’ll be swayed by whichever route looks like it’ll be more powerful or less bothersome. Given an even playing field, I usually go “good” figuring that’s what intended storyline, then play evil later to see what it was like.


  • William Robinson – First time play nice guy second time play as a jerk.

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