Episode 84 – Gold Jong

Kim-Jong-il Kelly and Jack run the show this week with Mike “coaching” from the sidelines. Lots of the usual great game discussions.

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • Mass Effect 3 will be featuring a Multiplayer component.
  • Blizzard is pushing for a November release for Diablo III.
  • This week for SWTOR Companions I give you the Jedi Knight’s
    • T7-01, (Astromech Droid) Location: Typhon
      • Ranged Tank
      • Heavy Armor
      • Blaster Rifle
      • Suppression
    • Kira Carsen (Female Human) Location: Courscant
      • Melee DPS
      • Light Armor
      • Doublebladed or single lightsaber
      • AOE sweep ability
    • Doc (Male Human) Location: Balmora
      • Ranged Healer
      • Pistol
      • Special skill is healing
    • Sargent Rusk (Male Chagrian) Location: Hoth
      • Ranged Tank
      • Heavy Armor
      • Sniper rifle
      • Special is aoe barrage
    • Lord Scourge (Male Sith Pureblood) Location: Empires Palace
      • Melee dps (tank)
      • Heavy armor
      • Shield generator
      • Speciality tank

Question of the Week

Who is your favorite video game villain/ antagonist?


  • of_many_masks: Logan in Fable3 because he is a complex and ultimately tragic character.
  • stoppableforce: Kefka, FF6.
  • llanion: Kefka, Final Fantasy 6, no contest.

Google Plus

  • Michael Gaines – Sephiroth. Duh.
  • Steve L. – Saturos and Menardi of Golden Sun
  • Ryan Holt – Sarah Kerrigan
  • Alan Young – zombie nazis
  • Tigorasou Kiger – Bowser
  • Marc Morales – L Brent Bozell
  • George Wow – M bison was my first thought also Gannon
  • Sophie Dubois – GLaDOS
  • Michael Wenk – Hmm, I like Sephiroth or Bowser, but really my favorite is the villian at the end of Pools of Radiance, Tyranthraxus. Why? He’s the first villian that I can remember specifically killing.
  • Ryan Glass – Kafka, Bowser or Varian Wrynn.

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