Episode 83 – Show Me The Money

original We’re finally caught up (Yes, this is THIS WEEKS SHOW!). Big news was the coming inclusion of a real money Auction House in Diablo 3. We also talk Humble Indie Bundle #3 and even stuff about the Nintendo 3DS getting slashed (the price.. the price).

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • Halo Anniversary will include access to the Halo 4 Beta.
  • Here’s some info on Operations for SWTOR.
    • Party sizes will be 8 and 16 players. 16 player rewards better loot.
    • After each boss/encounter is downed each player individually receives a container that has either loot that is specific to your advanced class or commendations that you can use to buy gear from a vendor with.
    • There will be no pre-raid gear grind but you will need to fully complete an operation in order to gain access to the next one.
  • This weeks SWTOR Companion list is for the Bounty Hunter:
    • Mako (Female Human)
      • Location: Hutta
      • Ranged Healer
      • Medium Armor
      • Blasters
    • Torian Cadera (Male Mandalorian)
      • Location: Taris
      • Melee DPS/Tank
      • Heavy Armor,
      • Ground Slam Kit Default
      • AOE flame swipe taunt special.
    • Gault (Male Devorian)
      • Location: Tattooine
      • Ranged DPS,
      • Medium Armor
      • Rifle
    • Blizz (Male Jawa)
      • Location: Hoth
      • Ranged Tank
      • Heavy Armor,
      • Suppressive Fire Special (Taunt)
    • Skadge (Male Houk)
      • Location: Belsavis
      • Melee Tank
      • Vibrosword
      • Heavy armor

Question of the Week

What was the nerdiest thing you have ever done?

  • Llanion: Learning to fence because of The Princess Bride, attending Video Games Live, or attending midnight releases of WoW expansions.
  • LodurZJ: nerdiest thing I’ve done was go to the bar dressed as Mario to pick up chicks. It worked though so hey!
  • that_ghoul_ava: Dressed up like Jedi Twi’lek Aayla Secura for the episode II premier.
  • Azarizotza: The nerdiest thing I ever did was an impromptu reenactment of Star Trek: First Contact. All of it…

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