Episode 82 – TORiffic

star-wars-the-old-republic-pre-order1 We’re back for another week of random game rambling. This week our ramblings bring us talk on Mass Effect 3, the SWTOR preorder, and ESA trial reimbursements. We also talk, again, about the possibility of lowering prices in the video game market.

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This Week in Gaming

  • (escapist) Bioware Shows Off Skill Trees and Weapon Mods for Mass Effect 3 http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/111869-BioWare-Shows-Off-Skills-Trees-and-Weapon-Mods-for-Mass-Effect-3
    Players are able to modify weapons again – the demo had a workbench which allowed players to equip equipment like silencers and scopes – and tinker with a weapon’s rate of fire and stability.
    Skills also have some more depth. The biotic skill Warp, for example, has six different branches that the player can pick. What’s more, he or she can pick a different branch for each member of the crew, allowing a great degree of specialization within the party. Players who aren’t interested in fine-tuning their party won’t have to suffer either, as there’s an option to let the game make the choices for you.

Rumor Mill

  • Ubisoft will be implementing a new system to their games similar to EA and Steam where you need an Internet connection to verify your account before you can play the DLC.
  • SWTOR will have a social and valor point system similar to that of WoW. You receive valor points by doing PvP and you receive social point by playing with other people(mainly from multiplayer conversations). While the gear you can buy with these points is better than what you can get from questing, they are not better than what you can get from hard mode flashpoints.
  • I’m also proud to bring you a full list of the companions in SWTOR, I’ll be sending one class a week to you guys starting this week with the Smuggler. In no particular order they are:
    • Corso Riggs (Human male) – Ord Mantell – Ranged Tank-Heavy Armor-Uses Blaster Pistols and Blaster Rifles -has a Taunt ability
    • Bowdaar (Wookie male) – Nar Shaddaa – Melee Tank -Heavy Armor, – vibroswords/blades
    • Risha (female Twi’lek) – Alderaan – Ranged Dps – Medium Armor – Uses Rifle, Sniper Rifle – Barrage mode (aoe mode)
    • Akavi Spaar (female Mandalorian) – Balmorra – Ranged DPS – Heavy Armor – Flamethrower move
    • Guss Tuno (Mon Calamari male) – Hoth – Healer – Medium Armor -Blasters

Question of the Week

Who was your favorite companion from any game?

  • Glassofwater2: my starter mudkip in sapphire… ah good memories 😀
  • TheLadyJess:  tie between Varric and Isabela in Dragon Age II!
  • Zorged: The Companion Cube!
  • fallenwiccan: the companion cube of course!
  • tinkerpriest: YOSHI!!
  • TwilliK:  In recent memory… Merril of Dragon Age 2. Of all time… not so sure – too many to choose from.

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