Episode 80 – Slurpee This

Free-Slurpee We recorded this episode on Free Slurpee day! Hope everyone got their tasty frozen treat. We do, eventually talk about games. This week there is some information on Bungie Day, some NPD numbers and the Sony ID Protection (cough cough)..

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will feature a musical instrument, similar to the Ocarina of Time in the game of the same name. While it probably wont involve time travel, it will have similar applications to the Ocarina. As for the instrument itself, well, let’s just say the devil went down to hyrule
  • Curious about crew skills in SWTOR? well then I has infos for you
    • Gathering
      • Bioanalyst – plants and animals
      • Scavenger – metal and other broken tech
      • Slicer – salvage from working tech
      • Archaeologist – crystals and other mystic items
    • Crafting
      • BioChem – adrenals, medpacs, and implants. some blaster, lightsaber, and armor upgrades
      • Armstech – blasters and other weapons, blaster upgrades
      • Artificer – power crystals, focus lens, and other lightsaber upgrades. also creates neck, trinket, ring and some back items
      • Armormech – heavy armor and armor mods
      • Cybertech – medium armor and armor mods
      • Synthweaver – light armor and armor mods

*It should be noted that each crafting and gathering skill has its own bonus passive ability for the player

    • Missions – these are sort of like quests that your companions go on, but you won’t be able to use the companion while they’re on a mission. The rewards are random but related to the mission type if that makes sense. You can also get light side/dark side points for completing them.
      • Treasure Hunter
      • Diplomacy
      • Underworld Trader
      • Researcher

Question of the Week

What was the first violent/mature/ game you knew your parents might have a problem you playing?

  • Faelus: Grand Theft Auto 3 for sure
  • Tinkerpriest: My parents never had a problem with anything I wanted to play or watch, although we did fight on music.
  • DailyBlink: Leisure Suit Larry. I was 11.
  • StoppableForce: Hard to say. My parents didn’t really put the kibosh on my game choices.
  • Belghast: Doom II is as risque as it got, after that I was on my own and could do anything I like :)

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