Episode 79 – Free 2 Game

gavel The week of this episode was when the Supreme Court of the United States decided to overturn the California Video Game law. We talk about this and, well, other stuff, of course. It’s a  long show, but it’s not the size that matters.. Oh wait, maybe it is..

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • EA is in the process of buying Popcap games.  (ED: OMG IT WAS TRUE!!!!!)
  • The new Rainbow 6 game will feature a morality system.

Question of the Week

What videogame character reminds you most of yourself?

  • Azarizotza: Any protagonist from GTA… well, at least they remind me of my subconscious desire to crash cars into and shoot everything…
  • Stoppableforce: Hal “Otacon” Emmerich, only without the awkward sibling relationship.
  • Vampira666:  Lulu from Final Fantasy X.
  • ProjectRYG:  I have yet to find a video game character that reminds me of me. Don’t know what that says about me… -Anna
  • fryingnemo420: Yoshi, because I’m great with my tongue

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