Kelly’s Hot Monday Deals – July 11, 2011

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Sorry about last weeks’ absence; I was out of town camping in BC’s interior! Besides, I’m sure you were all out celebrating the fourth of July, so you were probably all drunk anyways! Without further ado, here are some games!

1) has got some cheap-ass games for you! Games like, oh, I dunno…Brutal Legend, Fallout Las Vegas, and Crackdown 2 is now priced at $4.99 (and above)! You know you want it! Them!

2) has some more great trade-in deals! Trade in 3 current-gen games and get an extra $10 of trade-in credit, not to mention that they’re having a “Power Trade-in” — get a 25% trade-in credit when you trade in games towards Madden 2012 and NCAA 2012!

3) Toys R’ Is offering, among other things, a free copy of Virtua Tennis 4 with the [online] purchase of a 4G Xbox 360 Kinect set! Not to mention that they’ve got a great buy 1 get one half-off deal on all games $19.99 and under!

4) has something for the kids (or the young at heart) – Target is offering the Toy Story 3 Playstation 3 bundle! It comes with a 250GB PS3,  Toy Story 1 & 2, and the Toy Story 3 video game – all for $349.99! You’re saving about $134!

5) Save anywhere from $10-$20 on a whole whack of great new games, including L.A. Noire, Shadows of the Damned or Alice: Madness Returns!

Xbox 360 Deal of the Week (Gold Members Only): Torchlight, Medal of Honor, Dante’s Inferno, TNT Racers, and Rock Band: Blood Sugar Sex Magik are all on sale!

Steam Deals of the Week:

  • Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
  • Valve Complete Pack
  • Unreal Complete Pack
  • PopCap Complete Pack
  • Paradox Complete Pack
  • 2K Complete Pack
  • id Complete Pack
  • THQ Hit Collection
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • The Rockstar Collection
  • Hacker Evolution Duality
  • MumboJumbo Complete Pack
  • Mass Effect Pack
  • Dead Space Pack
  • Need for Speed Pack

That’s all for this week! Wow, Steam sure has some great deals, eh?

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