Episode 75: Pinball Wizard

pinball Andy is back but Mike vanishes! What is going on here?!  Some amazing gaming discussions are going on here, that’s what. Android is banning emulators? Handheld Dreamcasts? Comcast is going to make games? CRAZY! And a question of the week that is bound to make you hungry.

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • Batman Arkham City set to feature the penguin. But let’s face it, we would have been more surprised if the penguin wasn’t in it.
  • 2k will be making a MMO from one of their intellectual properties. But for more info we’ll have to wait until E3. Well that or take a trip out to the Borderlands.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 to be announced at E3. If your Kingdom Hearts fan has started spasming, good news! They are not having a stroke or a heart attack. What they are experiencing is called a seizure and they’ll be fine in 5-10 minutes. Although you should probably put a towel or something similar in their mouth so that they don’t bite through their tongue.

Question of the Week

If you could have a video game based cereal what would it be?

  • Linedan: There’s only one, really. Ragnar-O’s! BY FIBER BE PURGED!
  • flawless: Purple shrooms. #qotw (Mario) in some Mario games, there are purple shrooms that hurt you. This cereal would be sweet as fuck
  • Druidis4fite: Dude, Ragnar-O’s.
  • EctoMaster: WoW Nerf-Oh’s now 100% less Cereal!
  • siriussired: Yoshi’s Cookies (something like Cookie Crisp) or a Mario cereal with different colored mushroom marshmallows. Or anything with marshmallows.
  • glassofwater2: one based around growing crops such as wheat! oh wait there is that…. fuck farmville!
  • MechaPorno: SPACE INVADERS WITH MARSHMALLOWS. :< Or pacman w/ marshmallows. I just really like bright colored cereal with marshmallows. :I
  • ohnoforresst: Mario Bits! Marshmallow goombas, turtle guys, and the cereal could be little cubes that look like bricks.
  • Vampira666_: Kix! Kick your way through life!
  • Kenichan: Cpt. Falcon Crunch!
  • PurpleTinabeans: PacMan cereal! You could munch those pesky ghosts every time, show them who’s boss.
  • tipoaapwns: i would have peggle cereal, the toy inside would bounce off the cereal into your bowl
  • Hasteur: “Ragnar-O’s: By Fiber be Purged!”
  • Dr_Metal_: Illidan’s Cornrage – be prepared for teh rest of your day?

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