E3 2011 Hands On: PSVita

This week I was lucky enough to get my hands on the brand new handheld device from Sony. Let me just say, the PSVita is sick! Well sick as in “it’s good“, not sick as in “you should go see a doctor because there’s no way this is happening tonight when it smells like cheddar cheese” sick. But I digress.

Just like when the Nintendo 3DS was announced last E3, the PSVita was also attached to a person. However, these PSVitas were not attached to a super hot girl but, rather, an average looking nerd. And let me just say it is true what they say about nerds, they know their shit. My personal geek squad guy wouldn’t give out any of the specifics on the hardware but said that it was roughly as powerful as a PS3.

After getting a chance to play Uncharted Golden Abyss, dude wasn’t fooling. With the OLED screen the graphics on the PSVita are sharps and vibrant. As far as I could tell there wasn’t any lag or frame rate issues which is amazing because it looks just as good as Uncharted on the PS3 does. The PSVita also has a forward and backward facing camera for obvious video chat functions. But with the added accelerometer I can see some great potential for future games and apps.

One of the most notable changes is that the PSVita’s button layout is just like a dual shock controller. I must admit that I got giddy while playing Uncharted Golden Abyss because  it was effortless to control Nathan Drake. It felt just like playing a PS3 game, and until instructed to do so by geek squad, I didn’t even use the touch functions.

That being said, once I started using the touch functions I began to see why Sony added them.  It’s responsive and gets what I’m trying to do in the game. There wasn’t a second that I thought it was a gimmicky add on and began using it more to perform certain tasks(like reloading) than I did the physical button. I should mention though that I was using the back touch pad rather than the screen because I didn’t like obstructing the screen with my finger.

After all was said and done, I must say that I was very impressed with this little piece of hardware. I’m not thrilled that Sony partnered with AT&T for their 3G service but nothing can be perfect after all. I recommend anyone that can, to try and get their hands on this hardware and try it out. I will probably be buying my own PSVita when it comes out. Well at least when Uncharted Golden Abyss comes out anyway.

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