Episode 74 – Lost in Transcription

lost_in_translation_xl_02 Andy is missing again (We think he had the ebola virus). Kelly, Mike and Jack keep tight control though (lol) and bring this one through with flying colors. With an amazing question of the week all about banging video game characters? How could it be otherwise!?

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This Week in Gaming

  • http://gamasutra.com/view/news/34776/Final_Fantasy_XIV_Producer_Outlines_Plans_For_Extensive_Changes.php
  • (shacknews) Bioware Hiring for Dragon Age 3
    Though not exactly surprising, BioWare has (indirectly) confirmed that it’s working on Dragon Age 3. A tweetfrom BioWare senior director of creative development Alistair McNally (via IGN) reads, “I’m looking for exceptional environment artists to join me at #BioWare Edmonton, Canada to work on #DragonAge3 #gamejobs #jobs #3D #artists.”
    Both EA and BioWare have put marketing and development muscle behind the Dragon Age franchise, pushing out two games and a large-scale expansion in under two years. This is the first we’re hearing of the third game, so it’s hard to tell if it will keep pace with its predecessors or settle on a longer development cycle. Either way, both of the main-series games have ended on cliffhangers, so maybe this title will wrap up some of the loose ends.

Rumor Mill

  • IGN will be selling Direct2Drive to Gamefly.
  • Amazon will be teaming up with Xbox Live to provide launch titles for direct download on their launch day via XBL.
  • The next Alan Wake game will be specifically for Xbox Live.

Question of the Week

What videogame character would you most like to bang?

  • runycat: Is there a limit on how many?
  • plutokiss: Dante from Devil May Cry, totally no doubt about it
  • CharredMage: Cortana from Halo (Halo 3, specifically)
  • spudpuffinz: Morrigan (Darkstalkers) sorry, boobs and wings, can’t say no.
  • flawless: Codex. And the modded (cuter) Veronica in Fallout New Vegas.
  • tigorasou: Kratos
  • wingtipswaltz: Answer depends on confirmation on genders and ages of several Final Fantasy characters. -.-
  • azarizotza: Malon from Ocarina of Time. She always wanted a knight to sweep her off her feet.
  • Eadams2010: Fens Mom
  • quoriwow: oh what a loaded question. What if i just want to have a cigar and some scotch with Jim raynor? No smex involved!
  • andrefmt: Lara Croft
  • NairrobiCao: None. While I do find some attractive, most characters are not fleshed out enough for a real-deal relationship. 😐
  • Ktok: Does mine count? >.>
  • Pandalantern: Varric Tethras from #DA2 hands down. There’s something about yummy dwarf chest hair.

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