Episode 73 – Mr. Saturn

mrsaturn We’re really sorry for the delay on this and the next 2 episodes. We had a few technical issues that had to be resolved but, they are here now! I’ll try to get the others up soon too, but here is the first one! What’s in it.. I dunno, it was so long ago. I bet we talk about games and stuff.

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • Well this is where I would have said Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3… yeah.
  • Lego Lord of the Rings is being planned.

Question of the Week

Who was the best or worst video game mother in your opinion?

  • aliceinazeroth: Best: Therazane!!
  • PaulUngar: The mother from Pokemon. Seriously, who kicks their kid out at age 12 to go battle god-like monsters for science?
  • SturgarHawkwind: Mother Brain. She was a heinous bitch. Ugh.
  • Jezriyah: Gonna have to echo whoever said the mom from Pokémon a while ago. “Well you’re 12, time to go capture wild animals!”
  • Azarizotza: Every single mother in any Pokémon game. I don’t care how magical Pokémon are, 12 year-olds should be in school.
  • Ktok: The Queen of Blades is sort of a mother. Pretty bad ass one too. Wait, no, make that your character’s mom in Pokemon silver/gold. Always spending your money on junk! >.<
  • NairobiCao: Anything to do with FF7 I think will qualify for the worst catagory.
  • tipoaapwns: every mother in pokemon, i dont want you spending my cash on super potions and male prostitutes
  • Willm88: Worst mom would have to be from the Pokemon-verse, letting a 10 year old quit school to capture wild magic animals.
  • weeklyrandoms:  that generic mom from pokemon hands down. who lets their child stray into a world full of monsters with super powers?
  • Szayel: worst? maybe Jenova? XD
  • CurtisDWhite: Mother Brain

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