Episode 69: The Butterfly-Narwhal Episode

narwhal Well, it is called the Butterfly-Narwhal Episode …

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • The Force Unleashed series isn’t dead! A 3rd instalment is in the works.
  • NinthBatter will be the mayor of an upcoming indie videogame.

Question of the Week

What do you think of the move of many MMOs (new and existing) to the ‘Free2Play’ model?

  • OokaTadazuke: I would come back to WoW if they made a Tourist level free account. You don’t level, you simply travel the world…
  • NairobiCao: I hate it. To make that transition, they usually end up gutting features and then only giving them back in exchange for a microtransaction. Ultimately, defeating the whole purpose to the consumer unless they like playing gimped. Personally, I’d just pay for a subscription and be done with it. Actual all-content free-to-play games are plagued too many spammers, too many players and lots of server lag. I’ll pass on that one.
  • Llanion: One game that does this really well: League of Legends. The only cash-exclusives are skins. Everything else is either unlockable via in-game currency as well, or (power boost items) EXCLUSIVELY.
  • Azarizotza: Cadi said it best: “Free does not good game create”…or something along those lines…
  • CandarieHeals: Means the game is dead
  • lilibat:  I disagree that is means the game is dead in all cases. F2P has been a viable model for many games.
  • trodomir: means the monthly model is dead. Subscription model is dying, MT model is the future, sorry.
  • Kenichan: Some games can thrive on the Free2Play concept, but must have a business model to generate revenue and add value in some way
  • _datgurl: good news for those of us too poor to afford wow or rift
  • RylanZenyk: Going free2play would bring in more casual players and people would start taking games less seriously.
  • warcraftic: micro-transactions
  • Jesse Priest: I have probably a 1,500 dollar steam account, but I play League of Legends the most. That said, some f2p games are total rubbish. Oh and then there is the balance issues that stem from microtransactions. Either way, it’s good as long as the gameplay is balanced.
  • Moonblaze: Sure, I can download your game, play for a while, and delete whenever and not get mad over how I just wasted a month or two of sub fee’s on it. But I hate that micro transactions get in the way of balance. Like really? a few extra points in D&D make a huge difference… so does a a racial ability if you have to buy the race…. >_>

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