Hemispheres – April 20th, 2011

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Going to be trying a new format this week. Less me, more links. We’ll see how it goes, because you know what? I really like listening to myself talk, even in print. (Don’t think about it too hard.)

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron: Did you get the El Shaddai demo? Apparently a metric f*ckton of people did. I have to agree with Jim Sterling: that game is brutal. Not impossible… but it does penalize you for sucking, or playing carelessly. It’s next-gen-Ninja-Gaiden hard. Apparently ascending is not for wusses.

Senran Kagura: Look, I’m not saying it’s entirely about well-endowed ninja chicks, but it is. It does have a story, though. It’s also been listed for August, and is or was already on top of Amazon’s best-seller ratings. The power of 3D breasts, ladies and gentlemen.

Pandora’s Tower: It appears that Pandora’s Tower will support both the Classic Controller and a more Wii-traditional control scheme. It seems to be very Zelda-esque, and has multiple endings. Also, everyone in the story’s a non-meat-eater, which makes Ceres’ being forced to consume raw monster flesh kind of disturbing for her on multiple levels, I guess.

Ragnarok Online: So Ragnarok Online Violet is out, and it’s more like the DS Ragnarok Online, in that it’s a game for iOS set in the world of Ragnarok Online, but not quite an MMO. There’s a PSP Ragnarok coming too. Speaking of which, RO has gone free-to-play.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor: SMT: Devil Survivor 2 (the one for the DS) will be arriving in Japan on July 28th of this year. SMT: Devil Survivor: Overclocked, the 3DS remake of SMT:DS, adds an 8th day that changes completely based on which ending route you were taking. More replay value is A-OK in my book.

Momotaru Densetsu: Not this year.

Capcom: There’s something Mega Man Legends 3 related going down tomorrow, April 21st! Some kind of “major notice.” Perhaps Capcom has finally, officially greenlit the project? Meanwhile, Capcom has formed a new subsidiary for social gaming – Beeline Interactive Japan, Co.

UnchainBlades REXX: Finally, a reason to not make Charisma your dump stat besides playing a bard. (D&D nerds are now snickering.)


Catherine: Index Holdings, Atlus’ parent company, considers Catherine a new franchise, not just a one-off. Kadokawa Shoten’s producing a novelization, and I’d bet we can expect an anime and a portable version.

Square-Enix: One of their mobile projects has no name, while we’ve got more details about Final Fantasy Type-0‘s Machina and Rem. Plus you can get missions from a moogle! All is right with the world.

Imageepoch: TEN MORE GAMES IN DEVELOPMENT. Black Rock Shooter and Chevalier Saga Tactics we know about, but the rest are mysterious project names, including the one they’re evidently collaborating on with Type-MOON. The link above is also worth reading for a neat tidbit on Final Promise Story regarding character death.

No More Heroes: Red Zone: A PS3 exclusive re-re-release of No More Heroes, presumably to make up for the stuff that sucked about the previous nextgen port. Also, more skeevy perving on Sylvia. See, Marvelous knows what we want:

Yep, that’ll do.

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