Episode 68: Bone-TOR-ific

squirrel-lightsaber We have a treat this week. Jack spends a bit of the show in a cool Q&A session about Star Wars: The Old Republic. The chatroom came up with some great questions and Jack fielded ’em all. We still had news, voicemail and the question of the week, so stay tuned for a pretty epic show!

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • Microsoft will be adding free to play game to xbox live for gold members.
  • Toshiba will be launching no glasses 3D monitors similar to the 3DS. But you know bigger.
  • Twisted Metal will be playable at E3.

Question of the Week

Which games do you play more? Indie games, Big Budget from Major Publishers or Both?

  • JohnHerndon: Both usually on recommendation.
  • tinkerpriest: both. Anything in my budget that catches my eye or is brought to my attention.
  • NairobiCao: I’d play more indie games if I ever managed to be told about them. The few I have played, I like very much. 😀
  • StoppableForce: As much as I try to support indie games, the majority of my library is, if not from major publishers, at least big budget.
  • DanProctor: Big Budget from Major Publishers, though I’m trying to play more indie games.
  • SturgarHawkwind: I think I often end up playing a lot of both, but I enjoy indie games more.
  • MyBryo: with the exception of wow I would say indie games
  • RyanMHolt:  Both, but I tend to enjoy Indie games for being more game-y and the blockbusters for scope.
  • William Wilson: Major Publishers. As a kid I had a job cutting grass during the summer. I made about 100 dollars a week, for a 12 year old…. If there was a game in the store i was buying it. Now a days I try to limit myself to one or two addictions at a time.

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