Hemispheres – April 12, 2011

  • Yep – Persona 4 is getting an anime adaptation. Starting with a mysterious teaser that appeared out of nowhere, and ending on the same day the P4 actually begins in-game (April 11, 2011), Atlus – or rather its parent company, Index – is teaming up with AIC Asta to adapt the series for animation. All the voice talent from the original are returning to their roles for P4A, and the music is credited to Shoji Meguro – no word on whether he’s making new music, or just being credited for the re-use of the game music. In an interesting change of events, the protagonist – named by the player in-game, and named Souji Seta in the manga adaptation – is apparently being renamed to Yu Narukami.
  • It feels like a good day for lists. NintendoLife has a list of what to expect for Nintendo platforms in the US before June is over (spoiler: unless you’re excited for half-assed movie tie-ins or another Wii Play, everything good is for the 3DS), while Siliconera has a list of games released in each region this week. I may end up dropping the cash to pick up Persona 2: Innocent Sin and The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z. Speaking of Innocent Sin, the new portable adaptation, as tends to happen on these things, got a couple new Personas.
  • Shoot fruit, get explosions: Bangai-O HD Missile Fury for the XBLA finally got a release date, and – worldwide! – it’s May 4.
  • Confirming an item from last week, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is definitely coming to Europe. Bonus: it’s also going to Australia and New Zealand, with releases being handled directly by Nintendo. If you’re up for furries in robots, the 1st of July is what you’ll want to mark on your calendar.
  • Double dose of Capcom news, as the company definitely gets back on its feet after Japan’s seemingly non-stop disasterfest. First, good news: the Mega Man Legends 3 team is back in action, and this time, they want the users to help pick one of three extremely similar designs for the Blue Bomber himself. One’s more-or-less a carbon copy of his Mega Man Legends 2 design, while the other two seem like variations on a theme – check Capcom Unity for more.
  • Additionally, Capcom’s mysterious DD teaser site – which I think we can all safely say is Dragon’s Dogma after a frickin’ dragon showed up – has gone through its strangest change yet. The dragon has color now, the background is incredibly detailed movie clips, and the words “The Next Day…” are now emblazoned over the dragon. If you ask me, that new Breath of Fire is looking more likely all the time. UPDATE: Dragon’s Dogma revealed; it’s an open-world game.
  • And last but not least, this one’s for Trizophenie, who was disappointed, or at least mock-disappointed, that I let a week go by without any news about Catherine. Well, the game I never shut up about is back.

    Atlus’ Japanese marketing for the game had clips of Japanese couples discussing relationship questions mixed in with in-game footage, and it looks like theyre taking the same tactic here. Basically, you have to film yourself (and your significant other) answering three questions: (1) Do you ever want to get married? (2) If yes, to the person you’re with now? (3) If not, why not? Talk about being put on the spot. Upload it at 720p as a response to the initial video on YouTube and you, too, could be used as marketing material.

(BRB talking my girlfriend into the Catherine trailer thing)

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