Episode 67: My IP

myip The crew is all back again this week and Jack is really settling in. Not that he would be if Marty had anything to do with it! News, Rumors and even a few April Fools jokes. Well, we talk about them anyway.

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • The reason for the Duke Nukem delay is because they are changing the “spank the chick” mode. It will now be a few actions that are chosen at random. Such as kissing her, tickling her, and giving her a degree from a online university.
  • The SWTOR team will be touring a live version of the game all across the UK, US, and Canada.
  • The Governator will be getting his own videogame.

Question of the Week

What IP would you like made into a video game that isn’t already done?

  • Stoppableforce: None – non-video game franchises seem to never successfully make the jump to being a good game.
  • glassofwater2: an RPG based on The Game of Thrones would be cool… but only if it is good XD
  • indigohaze: “My IP!″ 😀
  • NairobiCao: A real deal Soul Eater Game would be awesome.
  • Druidis4fite: I would totally play a Dune MMO.
  • Mascole07: Battle Chasers!
  • Azarizotza: 2 50-foot slugs duking it out with a bag of change (quarters, dimes) and you having to rob parking meters to fill them…
  • tinkerpriest: wouldn’t mind a nightseer game. Problem is, a lot of IP has a movie tie-in game associated… they just usually stink.
  • Redhawks_MMOs: House. But make it sort of like Trauma Center with Mass Effect’s communication system and House insulting your decisions.
  • Ret_Tex_Pally: the Smurfs ;). I would actually like the world of Midkemia / raymond e feist books
  • maintankadin: Frank Herbert’s Dune. That would make such a fantastic technofantasy RPG/MMO.
  • Xandir788: Firefly. Any kind of game set in the Firefly universe. Preferably in a time before they killed Wash.
  • Jesse Priest: The Peter Jackson movie Brain Dead.
  • Christopher Morton: I would like to see a game on based like a 1940’s Indiana Jones style. History, treasure, and beating Nazi Germans to the punch.

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