*Spoiler* Angry Birds

I’m proud to introduce the newest segment on Polygamerous, *Spoiler*. The idea behind *Spoiler* is that there are a lot of games that come out that not everyone gets a chance to play. With *Spoiler* you’ll no longer feel left out of a conversation just because you can’t buy every game that comes out.

If you have a game you’d like me to spoil leave a comment, contact me on twitter(@NinthBatter), or send a e-mail to info@polygamerous.com.

(And just so no one gets any funny ideas, this is not a joke, prank, or shenanigan. For a comedian April 1st is a day about celebrating the lives we get to live, not making pranks at another’s expense.)

Post by Ninth Batter the author/creator of Nobody Like You.


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NinthBatter(or Jack) was born in 1518 on the shores of Loch Shiel in the highlands of Scotland. Seriously though, Ninth is a small town geek born and raised although he does live in Los Angeles now. He’s been gaming since the SNES with “Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.” He currently games on PC, Xbox, PS3, Nintendo DS, and the N-Gage(it’s a GameBoy and a phone!) He also has a Wii but currently uses it as a door stop. If you haven’t been able to figure it out, Ninth prefers to take a light-hearted and humorous approach to gaming. He also loves Pokemon…the handheld games…seriously.