Hemispheres – March 30th, 2011

You know what? I’m full of irritability this week. Why? Simple answer: it’s almost April, and the weather here won’t quit snowing. Seriously, it’s snowing at the end of March. What the heck?

Well, the first two links from this week aren’t exactly helping matters. Let’s take a look.

  • First up, a great big “screw you” from Nintendo to importers: the 3DS is region-locked. Should’ve seen it coming with “DSi Enhanced” games being locked, I suppose; I’m not sure what it is about a camera or stereoscopic 3D that means we shouldn’t be allowed to play other countries’ games, but there you have it. I guess it’ll be like the PS2 era: I’ll be back to owning two of the same console.
  • And secondly, I’m actually mad enough about this one to drop an F-bomb. Dear focus groups: fuck you. A focus group killed Nanashi no Game‘s English port because “you can’t shoot anything.” Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Is this what we’ve become, America? If we can’t point a gun at our fears, we’re not interested? Die in a fire. Takahashi Tokita adds that maybe they “shouldn’t have been too concerned over it.” Yeah. Probably not. Damn it.
  • Okay! I feel better. Let’s see what else we’ve got here… oh, here’s a look at Persona 2‘s Quest Creation mode, courtesy of Famitsu. It sounds like this is also going to include some kind of ongoing DLC support for P2, with Atlus & Famitsu teaming up for a quest.
  • Looks like the next Ys game is an MMO. Don’t get excited: Ys Nexus will be headed for mobile phones overseas. I know, I’m such a tease.
  • I mentioned a couple weeks ago that an obscure PS1 RPG from Japan would be getting a sequel. Well, I was close – Oreshika (better known as Over My Dead Body) is actually getting a PSP remake. I was kind of surprised to see that it’ll let you import save data from the PS1 version – I wonder why more PSP remakes haven’t included that capability? I’m sure I have original saves for Persona and Suikoden around here somewhere…
  • Spike may have been inspired by Kenka Bancho when they created Gachitora, a game about a roughneck turned high school teacher who hands out ass-whoopings along with lessons. I guess we can find out, because a demo for Gachitora will be out this week. I’m a pretty big fan of the Kenka Bancho series – I’m looking forward to seeing how this stacks up.
  • Requisite Catherine wank: Siliconera interviews Michelle Ruff on the experiences of playing Katherine McBride, aka Katherine-with-a-k.
  • Final Fantasy Type-0? Don’t mind if I do. Here’s some screens and details about the story. Hmm… magical schools? Coordinated color schemes? Teachers toting around Tonberries? Okay, Square-Enix, you have my interest. Don’t let me down like you did with Final Fantasy XIII. In the meantime, Andriasang also has a more in-depth look at the combat system.
  • In light of the recent natural disasters in Japan, Keiji Inafune had rescheduled his March 15th press conference for an unspecified future date. Now we know that date: April 4. It’ll be interesting to see what the man behind Mega Man — well, formerly behind Mega Man, anyway — is up to now.
  • Irem pushed some games back, but more importantly, Irem isn’t going to have an April Fool’s Day joke this year. That’s a damn shame – they’re one of the few companies whose AFD jokes are genuinely good, and in the case of the now-delayed Doki Doki Suikoden, at least one of the jokes got turned into a full-fledged game.
  • And now in perhaps one of the strangest ideas of the day, the creator of Live a Live wants a remake for the game. This was a pretty quirky RPG in the SNES era that never made it out of Japan; each character’s story was set in a different era, with a different style of play and a different (but, as you see eventually, related) story, a unique battle system based on a grid, and some amusing pop culture sendups. Square-Enix certainly isn’t gunshy about remakes, so maybe we’ll see Live a Live re-released on something – the PSP, maybe? iOS? Square-Enix loves those. I’m not wild about his idea of selling each chapter individually, though… just give me a whole game!

That’s it for this week. Tune in next week, when I’ll inevitably find a tiny piece of news about Catherine to report over, something will get delayed again, and I’ll eat my hat if we see a Live a Live remake. I seriously will.

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