Morning Quickies Friday 3/18/2011

You know its just hard to come up with the right words to describe this game so…if your interested in Farts Vs Zombies … Check it out here.

Just speechless.

CBSNews.Com has a great video clip of a mistake and a soccer ball.  I don’t want to run it so give it a look, its short.  Check it out here.

In an article on Eurogamer.Net Peter Molyneux admits to lieing to journalists because their ‘bored’.  If it weren’t for the fact I’ve known this for years I’d be upset.  Check it out here.  Heck everyone does it, I mean Blizzard stil prints boxes for Wrath and Cata that promise things that AREN’T IN THE GAME!  <Glares at Bliz>

Gamesutra.Com reports nearly 1.5 Million people have registered their interest to try out the Beta for The Old Republic.  I think their making a bit more of a big deal out of this than it is, after all many gamers consider a Beta a free try of the game when they are yet not that interested.  Check it out here.

Industrygamers.Com has a good summary of the current state of the Activision Suit Against West and Zampella.  Check it out here.

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