Morning Quickies Thursday 3/17/2011

Invasion of Privacy?  Invitation to Road rage Emails?  ABCNews.Com talks about new technology that images your car’s license plate and builds an identity ‘for you’ so you can try and message the other people on the road.  Lets see, they have proven talking and doing anything else while driving is dangerous, so lets encourage people to do it more!  Check it out here.

Today.Com has an amusing article on what games you should be playing to get Bikini ready.  Its a surprisingly good read.  Check it out here.

Over on the Playstationblog.Com Stig talks about why its an honor for Kratos to appear in mortal Kombat.  Check it out here. has a little story about Blizzard continuing to flirt with the idea of the Diablo III on consoles.  I have to admit its an attractive idea and the consoles now are basically just small computers.  Check it out here.  I have to wonder though if it isn’t more likely their trying to get Titan console ready and this si all smoke and mirrors to distract from it.

That plays into Movie Bob’s declaration that “PC Gaming is Dead” over on Theescapistmagazine.Com.  I don’t agree with everything he says but its interesting.  Check it out here.

ABCNews.Com also has an article abut one of the veteran heroes of Video games – Pac Man!  Now you can learn all about him.  Wakka-Wakka-Wakka your heart out.  Check it out here.

Batman: Arkam City’s official gameplay trailer popped up on Youtube.  Check it out here. has a story about Google and its purchase of that evil company Doubleclick and what they have been doing and not gaining in profit from the purchase.  Now Im biased because I REALLY hate Doubleclick and cleaning it off my computer fifteen million times (Its the reason I now scan every other day now instead of each week) but the story is interesting in a sort of sad way.  To me anyway.  Check it out here.

I saw a Lego Star Wars III trailer on NBCNews.Com where a trooper does a bunch of silly things, then is roared at by some monster and craps a Lego brick.  I cant help but wonder if they really honestly think the sorts of audiences that would be amusing to visit that site.  Ah well, I couldnt find a copy of that Ad but here is another trailer from Youtube.  Check it out here.  Now that trailer makes it look awesome the other just stupid.

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