Morning Quickies Wednesday 3/162011

CBSNews.Com has a story about a sighting of the Eye of Sauron.  No really.  Check it out here.

MSNBC.Com meanwhile has a review of Dragon Age 2.  Ive been sitting on the fence about picking this title up but a good look at the game play means its on my to-do list.  Check it out here.  Oh and then there was the Yoggscast vid they tossed up  on Youtube <.< Check it out here.

ABCNews.Com has a story about what your email address says about you.  Now I use Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, and I had a hotmail account.  So I guess I dont fit any of their square holes.  Check it out here.

Industrygamers.Com has a story on how Fox News is loved by the companies they go after because their pitchforks and tar attitude drives up sales.  Which makes me wonder how much they deliberately bait them.  It isn’t like that sort of stupid attitude hasn’t appeared there before (Dante’s Inferno).  Check it out here.  I think the folks at Extra Credit on gave the best answer to this sort of thing.  Check it out here.

People’s Court and Wii meet in a youtube video.  Check it out here.   Man..he looks like he belongs in a GTA game.  I can so see Niko Bellic with that tie.

Buisnessinsider.Com has an informative story on the top 15 Social media mistakes people make.  Check it out here.

Not quite Game Over!



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