Morning Quickies Tuesday 3/15/2011 carries an update on the story of the FTC investigating microtransactions in game for real life cash in games like the Smurfs.  Their going to shut down in game purchases in a move that is a shocking display of common sense.  Check it out here has cool screen shots of some of the hats offered in TF when you preorder Total War: Shogun 2.  Check it out here.  Hats, Moar hatz!!

In a story on MSNBC.Com Poole, founder of 4chan, spoke on how  Zuckerberg is wrong about internet privacy.  I have to admit I agree with him in many ways.  Check it out here.

Jay and Silent Bob beat up a kid for saying the wrong things on the internet.
Our future?

MSNBC.Com has an article about Felicia Day’s keynote interview talking about the social aspect of the internet and how its misunderstood.  Check it out here.

The Angry Bird creator says consoles are dying, as reported by MSNBC.Com.  Sounds to me like someone is very full of themselves.  Check it out here.

CBSNews.Com has a story covering how AT&T has decided to get rid of all unlimited data plans. Check it out here.  I guess we’re running out of internets?

With what happened in Japan video game companies have delayed and in one case cancelled the release of apocalyptic games as reported by MSNBC.Com.  Check it out here.

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