Morning Quickies Monday 3/7/2011

Bungie is NOT, repeat NOT, working on an MMO.  It was a joke that spun too quickly out of hand or so says  I’m not sure if I’m glad or not, they did design the only FPS I ever liked.  Check it out here.

Google flipped the kill switch on the bad apps, remotely removing the malware from the phones who downloaded it as reports.  Its good for something malicious but Im always nervious when they act like they own your phone and whats on it.  Check it out here. has a great story of a self driving car.  There’s a video at the bottom of the article that is really neat.  Check it out here. also has a story on the Air Force’s secret space plane with some speculation on whats going on with the strange lookign thing.  Check it out here.

And just for fun Warcraft’s ROFLbear’s ‘Looking for 5 More for TOC’.  Check it out here.
Ah memories.

The IPad, once the hot new toy, is now on clearance!  Its sort of weird to think how fast this cycle has spun fro this tech toy.  But hey its not too late to get one and play with it.  Just look at those prices at the apple store!  Check it out here.

Minecraft and Warcraft fans will find the Youtube video of Deathwing’s statue to be quite entertaining.  Check it out here.

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