Morning Quickies Friday 3/4/2011 reports Nintendo says they don’t want to try and entice fans of CoD type games to Kirby type games.  Check it out here.  Seems like just good sense to me.  Games shouldn’t try and be for everyone or you end up being likable to no one. picked an interesting tidbit out of the GDC 2011 Keynote by Nintendo mentioning Nintendo will come to the 3DS.  Check it out here. reports that Saints Row 3 is finally official now.  Check it out here. announced that members of the Playstatiion Plus will receive a free demo to Mortal Kombat and other shinny toys.  Check it out here.

Rejected Mortal Kombat ending.  The Lou Kang and Scorpion acrobatics was just too hard to animate.

MSNBC.Com has an interesting story.  It seems the cybercriminals have been hiding their little bombs under Charlie Sheen’s name since he has been getting so many hits lately.  Check it out here. has a story covering the break down of internet users across gender lines, AT&T vs Verizon  for the Iphone, and the Facebook baby.  Check it out here.

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