Morning Quickies Wednesday 3/2/2011

The most recent web issue of The Escapist magazine is out, entitled  “What I Learned from Games and Comics”.  Check it out here.

Hasbro now has an electronic Monopoly game that takes alot of the human interaction out of their board game.  Check it out here.

MSNBC.Com has an interesting story about a Denmark survey on morals that included a section on piracy.  Check it out here. has a cool interview with the makers of Pokemon Black and White.    They discuss development and choices made with the game.  Check it out here.  Some of the concepts Id never run across before like Kanji vs hiragana.

The humble indie bundle is something near and dear to our hearts at Polygamerous so an article on Industry gamers discussing the successes (and failures) of the bundle definetlly caught my eye, and its a good read.  Check it out here. has a nice tidy article for you Sony fans.  It lists all the updated prices in the station store.  Check it out here.

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