Morning Quickies Tuesday 3/01/2011 has a story about personal information and the net that’s a little scary.  It explains why the court case in California is coming up now.  Check it out here.  I think Ill go hide in a cave now.  <.<

New plug in ‘rewards’ a long secure pass word with a tiny little girl losing more clothing according to  No seriously.  Check it out here.

On Youtube Magicka has a trailer for their expansion…in Vietnam.  Check it out here. got the lucky chance to interview Notch of Minecraft fame.  One of the interesting things he says, he is thinking of adding achievements to Minecraft.  Check it out here.

Google is seeking to reduce the number of ‘low quality’ hits that you get back on topics you search for.  It all sounds very good, but I’m uneasy with them making choices for me about what I’m really looking for.  Check it out here. has a cool story about a Doctor who is using video games to help autistic children.  Its the sort fo story that warms your heart.  Check it out here.

Team Meat, the makers of Super Meat Boy, talk about how Microsoft didnt give them much support with their game in an article over on  Check it out here. reports that THQ having learned the wrong lesson from EA is holding a ‘fake protest’ for its game Homefront.  Check it out here.  Taking serious topics and mocking them for publicity   In their Open Letter to EA Marketing episode the Extra Credit team over on had the best response to this sleaze.  Check it out here.

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