Episode 63: Trippin’ the Dick


Warning, the beginning of this show is even more explicit than our usual show. Listener Beware!

On that note, Andy is back with us this week! Lots of great discussion and some of it is even gaming related! News includes information about GaiKai Cloud Gaming Service, the Devil May Cry movie and a new game development studio, Lucid, rises from the ashes of Bizarre Creations. We’ve got Rumors, of course, including a Dragon Age II spoiler and our question of the week treads on the backs of game demos. All that and a couple more things here and there.

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This Week in Gaming

  • (Joystiq) Gamestop Targeted in Class Action Suit Over Personal Info
  • (Joystiq) Devil May Cry Movie Rights Acquired by Screen Gems
  • (Joystiq) PS3 Shipments Blocked in Europe as LG Wins Preliminary Injunction
  • (gamasutra) GDC 2011: Valve to Make Steam More TV Friendly
    Half-Life and Portal house Valve Software said Monday that it plans on making its popular PC gaming digital distribution platform Steam more TV-friendly.
    An upcoming “big picture” mode for Steam will add features including controller support and navigation tailored for televisions in an effort to bring PC gaming outside of the office or den and into the living room. Steam currently has over 30 million accounts worldwide.
  • (gamesradar) Vocal game violence critic to debate Activision VP in March
    Activision vice-president George Rose will debate California state senator Leland Yee on March 17 at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club. The two will spar on the topic of restricting sales of violent video games, with Yee, a vocal critic of games in the past, presumably taking the negative side, and Rose the affirmative. Yee was the author of California’s violent video game law, which was challenged and generated a case that was argued in front of the Supreme Court last year.
  • (ign) Ex-Bizarre Staff Form New Studio
    Exactly a week after Bizarre Studios closed its doors for the final time an all-new studio has risen from its ashes.
    After a three month consultation period Activision closed down Bizarre Creations last week, putting an end to nearly twenty years of history from the Liverpool studio that spawned the Project Gotham and Geometry Wars series among other hits.
    Lucid is formed from former staff at studio, and is headed up by Pete Wallace. “With the great history of Bizarre behind us, we are proud to be part of Lucid and are committed to the UK game development community,” said Wallace, “We plan to build a studio which encourages open communication with its partners, customers and other developers.”
    Although no titles have been announced just yet the studio is in talks with several major publishers about pursuing projects, and it’s actively hiring in the Liverpool area.

Rumor Mill

  • In Pokemon Black and White every month, that’s right every single one, there will be a new wifi event that awards new pokemon. While some of them maybe common pokemon, the moves that they know make them one of a kind.
  • Cowboys vs. Aliens is getting it’s own arcade game.
  • Spoiler! Seriously this next one is a spoiler so if you don’t want to read anything about the plot of a Dragon Age II companion character stop reading. You still there? Ok I warned you.
    • As we know Anders will be returning from Awakening. However Anders’ personality has vastly changed since Awakening. He has agreed to become the host for Justice (also from Awakening). Unfortunately Anders’ anger at the Circle of Magi has turned Justice into a Demon of Vengeance. Hawke will have the option to aid Anders in bringing down the Circle and also redeeming Justice to the Spirit he use to be. You can also romance Anders if you want. Personally I’d rather have Justice.

Question of the Week

Has a demo ever changed your mind one way or another about buying a game?

  • stoppableforce:  I probably would never consider buying Bulletstorm if I hadn’t loved the demo so much.
  • b_hough: The changes from beta have. I’ve dropped several MMOs after launch cause of horrible post Beta/PreLaunch patches.
  • TalkingShip:Yes. The Resident Evil 5 demo convinced me NOT to buy it!
  • NairobiCao: Too Human made me dislike that game highly, as did Dante’s inferno. Bad games are bad. 😐
  • Maintankadin: Armored Core 4. I thought, lame, another mech game, but the demo was free on XBL so I downloaded it & HOLY AWESOME.
  • Gigawatch: I’ve had it for a while, loved the first three, and some of the new customizations are nice.
  • Icesnake1950: Yes. WoW
  • Brigwyn: Yep! Wasn’t interested in Rift until the demo.
  • tinkerpriest: absolutely. It’s what convinced me to pick up Lego Universe.
  • azarizotza: I think the only one would be “Chess with Friends” for iOS. The idea of a modern “chess by mail” was unexpectedly fun!
  • Vagabond142: Homeworld 1. The only game the demo made me actually BUY the game an hour after finishing the demo
  • mrbryo: yep that’s why I own defense grid & sol survivor both are a tower def but sol survivor has multiplayer
  • LFGWarcraft: Yes Rift has made me not want to play it in case i cannot choose between it and WoW. Wow will win. I hope :)

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