Quickie Monday 2/28/2011

PSP Price dropped, as are some of its games, according to Industrygamers.com.  The games are a selection they call ‘Greatest Hits’ for $19.99 and ‘Favorites’ for $9.99.  Check it out here.

Onlive.com has an unusual offer.  Buy a game, get a console.  When you pre-order Homefront  you will get an onlive console.  The consoles sell for $100 and the main profit comes from people signing up and using it to game, so it sounds like a solid business move.  Check it out here.

Industrygamers.com also noticed an interesting job opening for lawyers on the Sony web site.  It seems their still out to prove out much of a dick they are.  Check it out here.

Washingtonpost.com reports the FTC will investigate the Free-To-Play model and possable predatory enticements to kids to drain their parents bank accounts dry with ‘micro’ transactions.  It will be interesting to see what they come up with.  Check it out here.

Remember kids, smurfberry addiction is serious bizness.

According to IGN.Com Mortal Kombat’s reboot has been refused classification in Australlia, so their going to have to import copies.  Check it out here.

Escapistmagazine.com reports a woman who was/is employed as a WoW goldfarmer is suing because she claims her real life gold was stolen.  That’s what we call irony.  Check it out here.

Greg Tito over the Escapistmagazine.com gets to interview one of the people who are making a mod to enact school shootings.  Here I thought EA was the most tone deaf/stupid people in gaming, this guy takes the prize.  Check it out here.

The new Thundercats trailer is out.  It looks good, very good.  But ..  its very anime.  Everyone is reworked into what felt like the ‘seen it all before’ style of drawing.  Maybie I’ve just watched too much anime.  I was just surprised that with their reboot their so radically redrawing the iconic looks.  The trailer is up on youtube now, check it out here.

US gamers are too big of prudes to get Ubisoft’s ‘We Dare’ title.  I know they were running around Youtube when people heard of this taking down repostings of their ad campaign and trying to prevent it from being news here.  Check out IGN.com’s article and if the video still works check out the spanking game.  Honestly I watched it and I have to wonder if this is just a publicity campaign because who would buy the thing?  Check it out here.

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