Morning Quickies Friday 2/25/2011

Sort of a light day today so I present for your amusement “2001 things I am no longer allowed to do in an RPG”.  I’ve done a few of them.  Bought chickens and flooded the dungeon with them to set off the traps/reveal monsters, etc.  Check it out here.
30. I am not to kill off all the vampires in the LARP, even if they are terminally stupid.

Over on there’s a new episode of The Big Picture by Movie Bob.  If you haven’t watched this before you should give it a whirl.  Its great.  This one is about PCness.  Check it out here. has an interesting article about women passing up men as gamers…typically we get into gaming later in life than the boys.  Considering my Mother started Warcraft after retiring I got to say it seems true to me.  Check it out here.

Minecraft’s “Diamonds” ad is out.  Its great!  Check it out here. has a story about whats tracked about you online and the myths about it.  Its scarier than a Grue.  Check it out here.

Techbites on has a (far too brief)  comment on amazon vs netflix.   Check it out here.  Now as a longtime Netflix lover Amazon would have to do backflips to get me to give it up.  In fact as I post this I’m watching Joseph Cambel:Mythos.

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