Episode 62: The Telltale Fail

esrb-fail Back down to two hosts this week. Mike and Kelly sprint through the news to get to the insanely massive number of voicemails this week. In addition, there was an exceedingly good question of the week from Azarizotza. Don’t miss it!

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This Week in Gaming

  • (joystiq) The Walking Dead / Fables Video Games
  • (joystiq) Telltale’s Jurassic Park Opening on PC and Mac this April
  • (joystiq) Sony Finally Releases Official Statement on PS3 Jailbreak
  • Actress Felicia Day is teaming up with BioWare to create an all-new miniseries based in the Dragon Age universe called ‘Dragon Age: Redemption’. .. She was on Jimmy Fallon and they showed the trailer. I think it looks pretty cool, although I’m not sure about her elf ears 😛
    Additionally, “The Guild”, her web series about a group of MMO players, was picked up for a 5th season on Xbox Live, MSN Video and Zune Marketplace.
  • (Kotaku) Happy 25th Birthday, Legend of Zelda
    Twenty-five years ago today, an ambitious title was released in Japan that would, in time, become one of the biggest and most important franchises in video game history.
    That game was The Legend of Zelda. While it may look crude now, it’s easy to forget that, at the time of the game’s release, it was the Oblivion of its day, its inter-connected worlds and dungeons being so huge relative to other titles that it would be the first NES game in the West to need its own internal battery so users could save their progress.

Rumor Mill

  • Telltale game will be making a Walking Dead game and a Fables game.
  • Olivia Wilde will be the new Lara Croft.
  • And like every other movie, Battle: Los Angeles will be getting its own game.

Question of the Week

What is a game you never beat and why? (via @Azarizotza )

  • mrbryo: diablo 2, due to hard drive failure, was right at the end too :(
  • sdances2salsa: Final Fantasy XII. Hated it. Could never figure out the new combat system. The AI was weird and could never get past the first boss.
  • SturgarHawkwind: F-Zero GX. IT’S JUST NOT DOABLE T.T
  • bare_gryliz: Final Fantasy 9. I got really mad final boss coming from nowhere that I just stopped caring.
  • glassofwater2: final fantasy 13… no game should be 60 hours long… really guys?
  • NinthBatter: I never beat the original bioshock. The giant golden man lost all realism the game had for me. And Mass Effect 2 came out.
  • LFGWarcraft: Ghosts and Goblins…. Never got past the first level lol
  • Tabaxion: E.T. on Atari 2600. Could you even beat it?
  • of_many_masks: Ocarina of Time. Why? I could never get past the Shadow Temple. Nothing I did got me anywhere and I kept dying.
  • WoWPhiles: Super Mario 3 on NES. Why? Because not being able to save and have to start over at the beginning sucked.
  • justkimolly: I have so many games I have never beat because another one always comes along to distract me!
  • 3PipeProblems: DA:Awakening, because of a bug in the game. Tarzan: Disney, because of a bug in the game.
  • karethdreams: Wild Arms 4 – Loved the game, but couldn’t get past one twitch puzzle
  • Dechion: I never beat any of the FF games, I get to the point where you run out of story and start grinding towards the end boss. I get really bored just grinding towards a battle I know I’ll win once I have the gear and just go hit up youtube for the end.
  • NairobiCao: Odin Sphere. That spider lady lagged my PS2 to high hell and back.
  • icesnake1950: The Seventh Guest, because the puzzles were too obscure.
  • seanhagen: Final Fanatsy X: Got bored. And frustrated. I don’t like grinding, so Seymour became unbeatable for me.
  • brigwyn: Mass Effect b/c it bores me and Warcraft b/c it never ended!
  • Azarizotza: Twilight Princess. I want there to be an epic Zelda game left in my life. That I haven’t played to keep the wonder alive
  • christheabject: I’ve honestly beat only a handful of the games I’ve ever played. Why? I don’t feel a need to beat it to enjoy it.
  • Linedan: I actually have not finished Dragon Age yet after a year. It’s so long, something shiny distracts me 2/3 of the way through.

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