Morning Quickies Thursday 2/24/2011

NPR.Org reports several people in Mexico are protesting a shooter set in the city of Juarez.  I’m torn because on the one hand I think the Mexican Government would rather try and cover up violence than solve it.  Yet on the other hand it seems more than a bit insensitive.  Check it out here. has an interesting article about video game use being banned from after 10pm.  It will suck if you don’t have a day job and like internet games.  Check it out here. has some good news for you Minecraft addicts…well depending on how much of a life you had left.  Its soon coming to the ipad/phone and android!  Now you can die to the green penis zombies wherever you go.  Check it out here.  In related news reports on a clone of Minecraft coming out for XBL.  Check it out here.
Not Minecraft, really! has a cool article about piracy.  I think he has some solid points.  Check it out here. asked if the new supercomputer technology can teach game AI to be as dumb as a player.  Cause no matter now 1337 you may be that bot seeing you straight through all the bushes from 100 yards away and headshotting you in the millisecond your visible is so old.  Check it out here. has a neat little vid of Bulletstorm gameplay.  Check it out here.

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