Morning Quickies Tuesday 2/22/2011

I still remember when I would rush to the back of Dragon Magazine for such gems.  if your interested in more of his brilliant humor Check it out here.

According to youtube has a new job opening that may give a clue to the new market their trying to break into – gaming consoles!  Check it out here.

Mark Friedler, publisher of, has a good editorial piece on “Why Game Publishers Don’t Get It”.  For me there were some real insights here and some good food for thought.  Check it out here. talks with former RedOctane CEO Kelly Sumner about her beliefs that Activision failed the Guitar Hero franchise.  Check it out here.

Like Pokemon?  Like Trading Card Games?  Then the upcoming Pokemon online trading card game may be for you.  Check it out here.

The LA Times reports that Activision lost its appeal to have the lawsuit filed by no doubt thrown out.  Now I’m hardly a huge fan of Activision but demanding that Video Games never in any way come close to duplicating the look of any human being is incredibly silly to me – Id think its a slam dunk in their favor.  But hey people will sue over anything.  Check it out here.

Over Restructure has an interesting opinion post on how the male dominated geek culture may make discussing tech much harder.  Check it out here.

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