Hemispheres: February 22, 2011 (Late Edition!)

Yeah, yeah, three weeks in and I’m already late.

At least you’ll get a Hyperdimension Neptunia review soon from your resident weeaboo. It should be in my hands today, if all goes well. ANYWAY, let’s take a peek at what’s going down overseas!

  • NeoGAF has some screenshots of the 3DS OS. I’m not making any claims as to their authenticity, but if they are real, then they’re definitely what I expected – an evolution of the DSi’s OS. Looks nice, unlike certain other upcoming portable handheld OSes I can think of (coughcoughNGPcough).
  • Speaking of the 3DS, if you’re in the UK and want to get some hands-on time with one, the tour dates for the nationwide 3DS UK tour were recently announced. It starts in two days!
  • I can’t remember if I talked about UnchainBlades ReXX last week or not. It’s the handheld RPG equivalent of a rock and roll supergroup – the publisher (Furyu) is relatively unknown, but Takashi Hino (scenario designer for Grandia II), Nobuo Uematsu (you should know this guy by now), and Toshio Akashi (who worked on Lunar) are all involved, and the cast of characters is being drawn by artists from all kinds of sources, ranging from Idolmaster to Shining Force. As such, here’s a closer look at the cast of characters, who for the most part are leaders of their relative monster tribes, and can recruit up to four followers each into an already-four-person party, so you’re wandering around with 20 badass monsters inside a living dungeon. Neat!
  • Sorry, Dissidia fans who hope Square-Enix will keep milking the franchise the way they do with everything else: Dissidia in its current form ends with Final Fantasy Dissidia 012[duodecim]. Nomura evidently likes the idea of a crossover game, but wants further entries in the series to be a different genre. Here’s a suggestion: how about an RPG? A good one? Just sayin’.
  • Working my way through the Catherine demo, I did feel that the difficulty curve shot up pretty high, but I never thought it was that hard. Evidently it is, as the game is getting a nerf: public outcry has caused Atlus to ready a difficulty adjustment patch. Fun fact: it was originally supposed to be harder than it is now. … .And no, still no word of a Western release.
  • Looking to add an import title to your library this week? New out: Disgaea 4. Help keep NIS afloat! (It actually does look like fun, but it’s a bit text-heavy for me. Also, Play-Asia’s Lucky Lunar New Year sale is still going on!
  • Perhaps only loosely game-related: Yamaha is holding a contest for people to design a Vocaloid. Perhaps your design will be holding holographic concerts a year from now, if you’re lucky.

That’s all I’ve got for calling out this week, kids. As always, if you’re interested in seeing all the stuff I bookmark but may not use, you can follow my Hemispheres link feed in your RSS reader of choice, or I guess just look at it there in your browser, if you really want to.

Going to webpages is so 1997.

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