Episode 61: Hyperdimensional Valentunia

White_Heart Sorry we are a little late. Andy has been under the weather (as you will hear in this episode).  Mike and Kelly take up the slack though and give you all the important news and other information and stuff from the gaming universe. Oh, who are we kidding, we just sit around and talk for a really long time about games and shit.. Enjoy!

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This Week in Gaming

  • (joystiq) THQ forming Voltron Games
  • (joystiq) Bizzare Creations Closes it’s Doors
  • (joystiq) Magicka Raches 200,000 sales. Arrowhead Planning Free and Paid DLC
  • (shacknews) Activision Cancels True Crime: Hong Kong and Planned 2011 Guitar Hero Title
    Activision has just announced it has halted development on the open-world, action title True Crime: Hong Kong and a new game in the Guitar Hero franchise.
    According to the release, Activision has decided to disband its Guitar Hero-specific business unit and cancel development on a Guitar Hero title slated for release later this year “due to continued declines in the music genre.” (nsanehunter sent us this too.. thanks!)
  • (joystiq) PSA: PS3 copies of DC Universe Online tied to one-time-use codes
    If you bought DC Universe Online on PS3 and decided not to commit to it for the usual MMO lifespan offorever, you won’t be able to recoup your losses by trading it in. At least, you shouldn’t trade it in, even if you find a store who will accept it, or you risk being a super-jerk. Sony Online Entertainment confirmed toLazygamer that the serial key included with retail copies of the game is a one-time-use thing, and each disc only includes access for one account. That means that the first person to use a copy of DCUO is theonly person who can use that copy.
    This kind of restriction isn’t exactly new to consoles, with trade-ins of every iteration of Phantasy Star Online refused by retailers due to the unique codes tied to each disc. But it’s not common — mostly because MMO-type games on consoles are so uncommon.

  • (gamasutra) Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play Confirmed For March – Verizon, Unity As Partners
    Sony Ericsson confirmed that the Xperia Play, which has a slide-out gamepad that features a PlayStation-style D-pad, thumb sensors and X, O, square and triangle action buttons, will be based on the Android Gingerbread OS.
    Mobile phone joint venture Sony Ericsson will release the PlayStation-certified, Android-based Xperia Play phone next month, the company confirmed at a Sunday media briefing.
    Executives with Sony Ericsson said the device – whose full specs were also detailed via press release – will start shipping worldwide in March this year, with U.S. customers among the first to be able to buy the phones.
    U.S. mobile operator Verizon will be the first carrier to have the phone in “early spring,” making the device available to the carrier’s 94 million customers.


  • Batman: Arkham City will not have multiplayer in the main game. Apparently the plan was to originally have co-op but it was scratched because it was too hard to work out. They’d rather have a great single player game than a good co-op game.
  • Nintendo will be holding a WiFi event for the launch of Pokemon Black and White where you will be able to gain acess to a new location in the game and a chance to catch the legendary pokemon Victini.
  • SWTOR will be releasing another batch of testing invites in the next few weeks.

Question of the Week

Given the first video game music Grammy was just given out, what OTHER video game music should win a Grammy?

Ninthbatter: Comic Jumper just for the Brad song “B is for the bodascious Brad”…

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