Friday Morning Quickies 2/18/2011

Champions online is offering a free exp boost in their game store.  You buy it for free and it lasts an hour.  If your thinking of trying the game out now would be a good time.  Check it out here.  One thing to remember is you make much more exp from quests than grinding mobs in this game, so I’d suggest completing a few and then turning it on for maximum effect.

THQ, I forgive you for your silly new logo, you brought some common sense to consoles. has a story about THQ calling out the big three game makers over not adopting the PC model of low introduction price and then several micro transactions to make up the difference.  Its a very interesting idea.  Check it out here. has a cool story.  Blizzard apologized to the guy they thought was hacking when he made the World of Starcraft and is ‘considering’ offering him a job.  They better hurry up he already has other offers for his great talent.  Check i out here.

“Nothing funny, I just like talent.” has an interesting little vid of Sony’s new phone to be sold in April, the news of the small iphone, and the possible end of cell phone towers.  Check it out here.

We have a solar storm passing the Earth right now thats the largest in four years.  Its expected to have minor interference with satellites though on the ground we should be fine, so says  So now you have an excuse for why you spun in circles and lost that death match.  Check it out here. has a vid of an interview of the publishers of Killzone, sort of rambling with no particular focus I fought their thoughts on terrain design to be interesting.  Check it out here.

Most geeks these days use facebook, and get quite attached to it (I personaly refuse to use it till Blizzard holds a gun to my head and makes me).  But a fair portion couldn’t share their relationship status and thats been changed. carries the story and I think its a welcome update.  Check it out here.

Finally has an kinda sad story about internet speeds in the US and how they aren’t so hot.  It also has the cutest pic of an internet snail.  Check it out here


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