Thursday Morning Quickies 2/17/2011 has an interesting blog post about the level of harassment women find on the net.  Since the has come out publicizing it its become an issue that needs addressing.     Check it out here.

Id like to mention a personal favorite cause,, if we don’t get involved crazyness like California’s Supreme Court case will happen more and more.  Besides they have a neat Zero Punctuation video on their site.  :) reports Felicia Day, creator of The Guild, is working on a new project – Dragon Age.  Shes smart and creative and cute enough Tycho of Penny Arcade wrote about how wonderful it was to groom her.  I expect great things from the story.  Check it out here. announces their doing their Gamer’s Choice awards.  Feb 22 to March 1st you simply download a free XMB there for the game you like to vote.  When its all done the winners go on sale 30% discount, or 50% if your a playstation plus member.  Check it out here. has a great tidbit, EA’s CEO mentioned Dead Space 3 at a conference.  So more spooky Scientology hating space fun may be coming soon.  Check it out here.

Ah the Media so hate games….and love to make a game the focus of a story.  An obviously VERY disturbed young boy killed his Mother over an argument over her taking away his playstation they spin it to be because of the playstation being taken away that this happened.  Ah well at least it isnt on the major media outlets yet.  Check it out here on (an Enquirer news source) spoke with Riccitello about the SW:tOR and he was very boastful of how its going to take a ‘big chunk’ og WoW’s market from them.  Given how little Blizzard has been reinvesting in the game and my own personal experience in WoW with many friends saying they will be trying SW:tOR I think he might have a chance.  Check it out here. has an interesting rumor: Sony is working on a Playstation tablet.  It sounds plausible to me and like a good innovative move for Sony. Check it out here. has a sad story about the Motorola Atrix and how it fails.  I was excited hearing about the concept and I do thik it has massive potential, but this prodict does sound like it is teh los3r.  Check it out here. has some GORGEOUS shots of the sun from the SDO.  Check it out here.  I’d suggest pulling up the Made of Sun song on youtube for appropriate music.  Check it out here.

In the Tech market there an interesting story on discussing Apple’s recent changes to its store and how publishers aren’t sure what to make of it.  After Jobs tried to turn the phone into a spy I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a move to try and exert more control over the market.  Check it out here.

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