Wednesday Morning Quickies 2/16/2011 has a story covering EA has decided to ‘stop’ Mirror’s Edge 2.  Check it out here.  They looked at the prototype and said no.  I’m of mixed feelings abut it.  The game certainly isn’t anything that interests me beyond being a bit curious but it was something new that looked like it delivered on decent (if sometimes frustrating) gameplay. had a great story about the Voltron game.  To my great relief it will be the cool ion Voltron.  But then it makes me sad by saying their rebooting said lion Voltron.  After the bastardization of Transformers they better make this amazing or the reboot stink will roll over onto them. had a rumor that your DCUO game was forever linked to your account, the disk a very nice frisbee.  They shot off an email and got confirmation.  Check it out here.  You, and only you, get to play DCUO.  Now this isn’t a surprise to other MMO player but it is certainly unusual in the console market.  Indeed I’d think they would want to get people to play the game. has some interesting rumors about the DBZ reboot movie, apparently the wrong direction was listed for it.  This is the first I’ve ran across information on the idea of a reboot and live action BDZ.  The above Pic for the movie just makes me shudder.  Check it out here. also has a fun look at the shots of Diablo 3, the game that was being made 5 years ago that never got finished.  Check it out here.

The Cookie Monster and crew are coming to the Kinect!  That’s right Double Fine’s Tim (who was earlier complaining about self censorship) is developing a game with our favorite furry (and feathery) friends.  Check it out here on  at the bottom of the article is links to other amusing stories they have done of people injuring themselves with the Kinect.
So how much for the DLC to unlock PKing Elmo? also has a story about a man exploiting a security flaw in Nintendo’s website to steal 4,000 gamers information.  Police arrested him and charged him with attempted Blackmail.  Its a long strange story that will only get more interesting as the facts come out I’m sure.  Check it out here. found a gem in Ubisoft’s financial paperwork that looks like it conforms Assassin’s Creed will have a new game before March 2012.  Check it out here.

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