Monday Morning Quickies 2/14/2011

Monday Morning Quickies 2/14/2011

GTPlanet reports there is a bug that will delete your Grand Turismo 5 saved file. has an interesting report and a few tips on how to preserve your game till the fix comes out on the 18th.  check it out here.

The LA Times has news that makes Grammy Awards are vaguely relevant, awarding the song Baba Yetu an award, a song written for Sid Meyer’s Civ IV.  Check it out here.

Looking for a laugh?  check out Kelley’s story over on  Check it out here. has the splash page all polished for Dragonquest VI Realms of Revelation, released today.  If your JRPG itch has been bugging you this should satisfy you well.  Check it out here. has a story about a special pokemon given to customers that buy the game between launch and April 10th.  With awesome sounding abilities I have to wonder why he wont be available to preorder players too.  That sounds like a pretty bad move since the preorder Pokemon (Mentioned earlier) seems pretty standard if a bit fo work to get while this guy is unique.  Hmmm…  Check it out here.

My Sister pointed me to a funny youtube video of a guy doign Mario Kart in real life.  I dont know if he is disturbed or what but its funny.  Check it out here.  He isnt the only ones, ranging from horrid to hilarious.  The best other one I found involved oil and kid bikes.  check it out here.

Do you think Wiki use is male dominated?  If you answered yes then  your more aware of the split than I was.  Spacefem over on has a good blog post discussing it.  Check it out here.

Of course no mention of Wikipedia would be complete without mention Professorwikipedia  by  Check it out here.

Over at they have an interesting snippet from an interview with Epic Games Cliffy on why Gears is an X-box exclusive.  Check it out here.  They also report that Serious Sam 3: BFE is penciled in for release summer 2011.  Box art, screen shots, and so on will be coming soon.  Check it out here. Finally they have the trailer for Mortal Kombat’s Lui Kang.  Check it out here.  Oh and please tell me if its any good.  It told me I’m not old enough to watch it.  O.O

Finally there a rumor on, they have a pic that is supposed to be the collectors edition of The Duke.  Its an interesting pic, reposted above.  Check it out here.

Have a great week and drop by for the Polygamerous podcast tonight!

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