Morning Quickies 2/11/2011

Many people blame video games for many things they are not responsable for.  Reading this very sensitive article on about how they can trigger PTSD flashbacks though it is sadly reasonable.  Games are designed to provoke the feelings of ‘being there’ to some degree.  Its a complicated issue, my Father is a Vietnam Vet and was uncomfortable with movies.  I hope the more reactionary ‘defend the games’ types don’t get wound up over this.  Check it out here.

Yesterday I mentioned the Kerfluffle over Fox news and the game Bulletstorm.  If you arent sick of it already has a funny breakdown of whats going on and why this is just a cynical attention grab.Check it out here.

Killzone 3 is coming out on the 25th and over on its principle programmer talks about how motion controllers are the way of the fps future.  Check it out here.

Over at Popkin writes a great article about the silliness that is Uppercut, a movie about an effort to make a Fight Club for Dilberts.  Ok there is a bit more to it that that, and its worth reading and maybie even watching the video.  Check it out here.

They used a kinect, VR glasses, and made themselves Superman….check it out here over on  They promise you can get the code and play it yourself. has an interesting tidbit of ner about Call of Duty going free to play in China. They need to make their own special version of the game to get approval in Communist China anyway, and asian markets usually wont pay for a shooter, so it might be a way to find a way to make them care.  Check it out here.

The FTC has been asked to investigate if iPhone app purchases are designed to be kid friendly using their lack of understanding to get them to roll up huge charges.  Its an interesting idea and I hope they do look into it just to read their findings.  Check it out here over on

A kid in Maryland thought it would be funny, after getting the password and login for a Kid’s  XBL account in Berkley Heights, to make ‘over 100’ threats to show up at the kid’s school the next day with a gun and shoot people.  No only that he was so stupid to do this but that he thought he wouldn’t get caught.  Just….makes the hamster in my head fall off the wheel.  Check it out here. has a some great contest results to their ‘What if Kratos were in every game’ contest.  Check them out here. The site is in hungarian but the pics are great.    I think my favorite is how well he fits in the WoW: Cataclysm art.

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